Macau Jockey Club to Halt Operations in April 2024

Macau Jockey Club to Halt Horse Racing Operations in April

Macau is set to bid goodbye to horse racing as the Macau Jockey Club is ceasing its operations this year starting April 1, the company announced on Monday, Jan. 15.

In the announcement, the racing and betting entertainment provider said that they have signed an agreement to terminate their concession contract with the government. With the termination, the Macau Jockey Club is only permitted to conduct horse racing until the end of March.

The announcement also cited that the company has been operating at a loss, amounting to over MOP2.5 billion. The company likewise mentioned that since the pandemic, horse racing in Macau had not seen immense growth and development, hence the closure.

In a separate statement, the Macau Special Administrative Region (SAR) government reflect that they have noticed horse racing’s decline in popularity among tourists and locals in Macau and has therefore decided to accept the company’s application for termination.

In 2018, Macau Jockey Club signed with the Macau SAR government to extend its concession for 24 years and six months, which was intended to last until Aug. 31, 2042. However, the company submitted a request to the government last year to terminate the concession contract.

Races are expected to be held until March 31, but current facilities will remain available to the club’s members temporarily until necessary arrangements are made with the members’ horses until March 31, 2025.

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