Macau-Based Influencers You Should Follow on Instagram
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Five Macau-Based Influencers to Follow on Instagram

Five Macau Based Influencers to Follow on Instagram 2023

Want to add a splash of colour and excitement to your social media feed?

A city adorned with towering buildings and intricately designed attractions is not without its fair share of influencers flooding their Instagram pages with eye-catching content. From locals documenting their day-to-day life to models clad in fashion-forward pieces and jet setters who will inspire you to explore the Las Vegas of the East, here are some of the most influential Macau-based influencers worth following on Instagram!

Fiona Chan (@luvfi711)

Fiona Chan
Photo by Instagram/Fiona Chan

Boasting 20,400 followers (and counting) on Instagram, Fiona is one of the most popular athlete influencers in Macau. She regularly posts about her fitness journey and training sessions for marathon leagues. Aside from sports-related content, Fiona uploads mouthwatering Chinese food and desserts that will make you drool. Give her a follow for your dose of inspiring and uplifting posts.

Mike (@mike_ntrn)

Mike Macau Influencer
Photo by Instagram/Mike

Strutting the streets of Macau with his stylish trench coats is Mike, a Filipino-born photographer slash Instagram model. His followers are treated to something fresh every so often, from glamour shots to dancing videos and family-related content that will melt your heart. You may also refer to his Instagram if you’re looking for tourist spots to visit in Macau.

Pion Lio (@pionlio)

Pion Lio
Photo by Instagram/Pion Lio

Interested in modelling and high-fashion photography? Get to know Pion, an emerging beauty and lifestyle influencer in Macau. Her Instagram page is a collection of her modelling gigs and travels that will inspire you to book a flight in no time. If you're a fur parent, you’ll be delighted to know that Fiona owns two adorable dogs, making her a good resource if you need advice on raising a pet.

Mika Lee (@mikalee_happiness)

Mika Lee
Photo by Facebook/Mika Lee

Mika is a Macau-based influencer who regularly shares her daily life with her followers. Her Instagram account covers some of the widely raved locations and under-the-radar nature parks in Macau. Aside from being a frequent traveller, she’s also a foodie who loves cooking anything under the sun, from baked salmon to chicken salad and traditional Chinese soup. Show Mika some love by following her on social media.

Shuna Sheila (@hungerlady)

Shuna Shiela
Photo by Instagram/Shuna Shiela

Want to get inspired to take your cooking skills to the next level? Do yourself a favor and follow Shuna on Instagram. With nearly 50,000 followers, Shuna is popular for her fancy dinner table setups and food photographs that will satisfy your love for Chinese cuisine. She also posts her recipes on Instagram stories to inspire her supporters to get creative in the kitchen. Click the follow button to be updated on her food adventures!

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