Police to Probe 'Recycled’ Photos on Alleged Kidnapping

Police to Probe Viral ‘Recycled’ Photos on Alleged Kidnapping in Visayas

Several allegations regarding kidnapping cases that circulated on social media were "recycled" photos from previous cases, Anti-Kidnapping Group Visayas Field Unit Deputy Officer Zosimo Ravanes Jr. said in a report from Interaksyon on Aug. 24.

The Eastern Visayas anti-kidnapping group and the anti-cybercrime unit has prompted an investigation to verify whether or not the images showing the alleged and attempted kidnapping were old photos from previous cases, Ravanes said during a press briefing on Aug. 22. He added that there has been no formal report or complaint about these incidents up to now and encourages the victims to show up so authorities can "take proper action."

Cebu City Police Lieutenant Colonel Janette Rafter stated in the same report that they are conducting an investigation to find the person responsible for spreading false information online. 

Meanwhile, in a separate report from ABS-CBN News on Aug. 24, Central Visayas police chiefs said alleged kidnapping incidents posted on social media are a hoax.

Highway Patrol Group (HPG) Cebu Provincial Chief Michael Gingoyon urged the public to refrain from spreading reports that aren’t validated by the authorities in response to a student from Cordova National High School who went viral for reportedly being abducted.

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