Angkas Is Readying to Launch New Service ‘Angcars’

Motorcycle Taxi App Angkas to Launch Four-Wheel Service ‘Angcars’ This Year

Hailing a cab on the streets when we’re in a rush can be challenging sometimes, so we resort to ride-hailing apps even if we have to wait for our driver to arrive.

Unfortunately, with higher demand but limited options in the country, the cost of one ride can become expensive, especially now with the four-wheel transportation network vehicle service (TNVS) market having almost no competition.

But things are about to change.

In a recent town hall meeting titled “2024 and Beyond,” Angkas CEO George Royeca revealed the company’s plans this year, including the idea to extend their offers to car services. According to him, the app is targeting to offer more reliable and accessible options and aid in the ongoing transportation modernization program.

Dubbed “Angcars,” the soon-to-be-launched app is designed to blend “affordability with user-friendly navigation.” It will introduce two options to commuters: Angcars Economy for a four-seater ride and Angcars Plus for a six-seater vehicle.

Other plans that were mentioned for this year are Angkas Health (for health-related home services) and Angkas Padala (for payments and transactions), which will be added to the existing Angkas app.

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