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Explainer: How Does GCash’s GForest Work?

Explainer How Does G Cash G Forest Work

The Philippines, known for its rich biodiversity, faces ongoing threats from natural disasters, deforestation, and typhoons. As per a report issued by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, an estimated 52,000 trees are lost every day in the country. Apart from catastrophic calamities and the exponential rise in carbon emissions, the destruction of forests can be attributed to activities such as illegal logging, slash-and-burn farming, and urbanization.

In an effort to safeguard the nation’s natural resources, GCash introduced GForest in 2019, a feature within the digital app that enables Filipinos to actively participate in the rebuilding of Philippine forests, “one tree at a time.”

What Is GForest

GForest allows users to turn their digital activities such as bill payments, cash-ins, and money transfers into points or green energy. By accumulating these points, users can adopt native trees for planting and contribute to the restoration of Philippines forests. You can join the green movement by collecting points twice a day on the platform. Since its inception, GForest has garnered more than 12 million users and planted nearly 2.3 million trees (and counting).

How to Gain Green Energy in GForest

Users can claim green energy points within a 24-hour timeframe after completing a GCash transaction. For instance, making 30 load purchases per month grants you 106 points, while doing 10 cash transfers gives you 228 points. Additionally, depositing money into your account 10 times a month awards you 56 points, while making 20 bills payment transactions guarantees 253 points.

However, keep in mind that any unclaimed green energy points will expire after 24 hours. To bolster your GCash performance, here are transactions and activities that will give you points.

  • Walking
  • Buy load
  • Bank transer
  • Pay bills
  • Cash-in online
  • Send money
  • Save money deposit

Click here for their corresponding green points and monthly limits. Tip: You can “steal” a friend’s unclaimed green energy and use it to grow your tree. Just go to your contact’s GForest page as seen below, and pop the green bubble. 

How Does GCash GForest Work

Yes, your friend will see that you “stole” their unclaimed green energy, but no, you don’t have to feel guilty about it. Wink.

How Does GCash GForest Work

Where and When Will GForest Plant the Trees

In partnership with reputable organizations such as Kabang Kalikasan ng Pilipinas Foundation Inc. (WWF-Philippines), Century Pacific Food Inc. (Century), Ayala Land Inc. (ALI), Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI), and Friends of Hope Inc. (HOPE), GForest ensures that every virtual plant collected is translated into a real tree. To create an ideal growth environment for each tree, the schedule and location of the planting depends on seasonal and climatic factors.

How to Plant a Tree in GForest

Contrary to people’s expectations, planting a tree through the GCash app is a relatively simple process. By following these steps, you can help preserve the Philippine environment right at your fingertips:

Step 1: Tap GForest on your GCash app

Step 2: Read the GForest user agreement and click I Want to Help!

Step 3: Allow GCash to access your contact list and health app or fitness tracker

Step 4: Begin collecting green energy to grow a plant

Step 5: Click the Plant button to view the available tree options for planting. Select a tree to see its species name, description, required green energy, planting area, the amount of additional energy needed for planting

Step 6: Tap Plant Now

To know more about GForest, visit GCash’s official website or contact hotline 2882.

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