BamBam Shows Love to Filipino Ahgases in 1st Manila Concert

GOT7's BamBam Shows Love to Filipino Ahgases in 'AREA 52' Concert in Manila

It seems he was speaking the truth when he said fans who won’t come to his concert will “regret it so bad,” as Thai K-pop sensation BamBam has gifted Ahgases with an unforgettable “AREA 52” concert, held at the Smart Araneta Coliseum last Sept. 22.

After a successful show in Seoul, the GOT7 member brought his solo world tour to Manila, where hundreds of Ahgases attended, holding their bright and sparkly Ahgabongs that illuminated the entire venue. As promised, BamBam’s jam-packed show was truly “like a festival,” with a slew of surprises that delighted its spectators.

GOT7 BamBam 'AREA 52' Concert in Manila Event Stills
Photo by The Beat Asia

Kicking off the show was the opening performance of rising K-pop girl group DreamNote. The girls performed their songs “Broken” and “Lemonade,” which showcased their bright and youthful vibes that leveled up the crowd’s energy.

GOT7 BamBam 'AREA 52' Concert in Manila DreamNote Stage
Photo by The Beat Asia

The excitement turned up a notch as BamBam entered the stage with his intro song “Satellites” and powerful tracks like “Wheels Up,” “Pandora,” “Sour & Sweet,” and “Ride or Die.” This was followed by a fiery dance break, which demonstrated his skills as an all-rounder and an amazing performer.

The show took a 360-degree turn when BamBam appeared on the stage clad in a long red coat, singing his mellow song “Let’s Dance,” which revealed his sweet vocals and soft charms. Fans swooned harder for the artist when he exhibited his smooth moves with a contemporary dance to the song, followed by a duet dance to his R&B and soul track “Who Are You.”

GOT7 BamBam 'AREA 52' Concert in Manila Event Stills
Photo by The Beat Asia

The show went on with the songs “Take It Easy” and “Ghost,” with BamBam encouraging Ahgases to sing along with him.

The K-pop idol then unlocked his first surprise for his Filipino fans: his much-awaited performance of the hit OPM song “Raining in Manila,” which was originally sung by Pinoy rock band Lola Amour. The Thai-born artist sang the viral song perfectly, which had the fans asking him to sing it once more. Loving the fans’ reaction to the song he prepared hard for, BamBam granted their wish and performed “Raining in Manila” twice!

As if this treat wasn’t enough, the show’s special guest and Filipinos’ beloved K-pop sensation, Sandara Park, graced the stage with her energetic performance of 2NE1’s “I Am the Best,” as well as her solo song “Dara Dara.” The two also shared the stage for Sandara’s “Festival” and “In or Out,” delighting both Ahgases and Blackjacks who attended the show.

It also turned out that lady luck was on Filipino Ahgases’ side, as the two performed the viral dance challenge “Gento,” originally sung by P-pop group SB19, not once but twice as per the crowd’s request. To this end, BamBam had one thing to say: “You guys [are] winning!”

Just when Filo Ahgases thought they couldn’t get any luckier, BamBam also picked 10 fans through a random draw who would get to take a 1:1 photo with him backstage. And because this was Ahgases’ lucky night, BamBam drew six more fans to take the snaps with him, for a total of 16 lucky fans!

For the last leg of the concert, the K-pop star gave the spectators no down moments, as he continued with his songs that fans danced along to, such as “Tippy Toe,” “Air,” and “Subliminal.” It also turned out that he had more surprises up his sleeve, as he brought a little extra for his Filipino fans: an encore stage, featuring his catchy song “Look so Fine,” GOT7’s hits “Look” and “Hard Carry,” and a cover performance of romantic OPM song, “Ngiti.”

From his high-quality performances to unexpected numbers, BamBam’s "AREA 52” concert in Manila was truly an out-of-this-world experience. With the charms he unveiled for the show, there’s surely a lot more to look forward to for Filipino Ahgases when he returns to the Philippines next time. Let’s manifest this, Ahgases!

BamBam’s “AREA 52” World Tour in Manila was made possible by iMe Philippines.

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