McDonald’s Play McD Happy Meal Toy Collection Is Back

McDo’s Play McD Happy Meal Toy Collection Is Back for a Limited Time Only

Have you ever dreamt of working as a McDonald’s crew when you were a kid? Now you can with the return of the fast-food chain’s popular Happy Meal toys collection!

If you missed the release in 2022, this is your chance to take home the McDonald’s experience. The “Play McD” collection features several over-the-counter and kitchen equipment toys.

These include are a cash register, crew cap and badge set, patty grill machine, drive-thru order microphone, sauce dispenser burger set, prepare corn, cheeseburger happy meal, and drinks machine.

Whether you’re buying them for your play sessions with your kids or for your collection to heal your inner child, these toys bring fun to all ages!

And that’s not all. With this collection, you can watch your children immerse themselves in a world of make-believe while developing valuable life skills through imaginative play.

Head to the nearest McDonald’s store today! The collection is available nationwide via counter, take-out, self-ordering kiosks, drive-thru, McDelivery, and pick-up.

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