#BarDUNKgulan: When Food Brands Throw Shade at Each Other

#BarDUNKgulan: When Food Brands Throw Shade at Each Other on Social Media

Social media users are having fun this week over a series of posts tagged as #barDUNKgulan where food brands are posting their own “dunk” versions, seemingly throwing shade at a newly released advertisement of an international fast-food chain.

On March 10, McDonalds launched their #McDoCheeseDunk, a new product that lets customers dip their cheeseburgers into a small pool of cheese — just in case the cheese in their burgers is not enough.

While the pairing seemed like a tasty idea, other food brands decided to not sit still and shared their greatest dunk assets as well.

“Dunking since day 1,” KFC said on March 15. Of course, who wouldn’t forget their overflowing gravy where you can also make your rice swim in it.

“4 cheeses, 'nuff said,” Burger King Philippines shared on March 16.

“The only dunk that we should taco 'bout – it’s #birria good,” shared ArmyNavy Burger + Burrito Philippines on March 16.

“You may dunk, but over here, we dip,” Mary Grace Café shared on March 18. And yes, the titas and titos can relate.

Buti pa cheese namin unli (At least our cheese is unlimited),” Korean BBQ restaurant Samgyupsalamat said on March 17. What’s an unlimited BBQ place if its cheese is not unlimited too, right?

Meanwhile, other food brands claim that you don’t necessarily need to dunk your food. Let’s take Bon Chon’s “brushed not dunked” as an example.

While KFC claimed that they’re the OG, let’s not forget the most OG of them — Dunkin’ — since it’s in the name after all.

Oh, and remember the iconic TWIST, LICK, and DUNK by Oreo?

If you can’t pick a winner for this month’s #barDUNKgulan, why not order everything online to decide once and for all? How we wish this offer lasted longer, though. Cue: Food Panda, beke nemen.

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