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Header 40 Years of Chicken Mc Nuggets at Coach Mc Nugget Art World

Birthday Bite: 40 Years of Chicken McNuggets at Coach McNugget Art World

McDonald's Hong Kong pays homage to the iconic Chicken McNuggets with a themed exhibition at M+— "Coach McNugget Art World," curated by Kevin Poon.
TAT Bitkub Metaverse Sign Agreement to Promote Thai Tourism

TAT Leads Signing of Agreement With Bitkub Metaverse to Boost Tourism

TAT Deputy Governor for Digital Research and Development Nithee Seeprae said that this partnership may attract younger tourists who are familiar with metaverse.
Free NFT Exhibition Featuring Hanjin Tan Artworks Until May 30

Free NFT Exhibition Featuring Hanjin Tan’s Artworks Until May 30

Good news, art lovers! The Metaverse Industry Association Macau (MIAM) will run an NFT exhibition at The Parisian Macao featuring works by artist Hanjin Tan.
HEADER VR Metaverse and More Tech

VR, Metaverse, and the Issue of Using More Tech to Participate in Tech

The metaverse is available with a bulky, pricey VR headset. For the young ones who are trying to use less to need another piece of tech may be asking too much.
20230303 Cultural Map of Thailand HEADER

Cultural Map of Thailand: Building the Soul of the Country on the Internet

With the cultural map of Thailand, which can be integrated in the metaverse, getting acquainted with the soul of the country won’t involve long travel times.
Should You Install Bondee the Newest Meta Social Networking App

Should You Install Bondee, the Newest Meta Social Networking App?

Taking inspiration from the hit 2000s PC game The Sims, Bondee is a Gen Z-oriented platform that lets users build their own virtual houses in the metaverse.
Licenses Must Be Obtained for NFT Capital Fundraising header

SFC Says Licensing Required for NFT Capital Fundraising

The SFC says canvassing funds for NFTs is an action falling under the scope of regulated activities.