Japandi Interior Design: How You Can Achieve It at Home?


Japandi Interior Design and How You Can Achieve It at Home

We've seen the clean lines and simplicity of Japanese interiors, and we're no strangers to the warm and neutral palettes of #homegoals Scandinavian design, but what about “Japandi?”

Japandi brings together the best of both worlds: the functionality of Scandinavian design and the minimalism of Japanese design, hence the name. It meshes the former's rusticity, and calm and casual sensibility rooted in hygge — a Danish concept that means a quality of cosiness and comfort — and the latter's focus on lightness and proclivity for natural materials.

Interested in incorporating Japandi in your own home? If you love Japanese or Scandinavian home decors, then there’s a good chance you have already integrated it in your space without knowing it. Nevertheless, here are some elements you should consider.

A Bright and Decluttered Space

To quote Hemingway, what you need is “a clean, well-lighted place” or space, rather, when it comes to incorporating Japandi. Pare down your space by decluttering; keep only the essential furniture and decors, and keep the space open and airy with natural light and white or muted walls.

Natural and Organic Materials

Japandi Interior Design rattan furniture

In Japandi, as in Japanese interior design, natural and organic materials are utilised quite a lot. We recommend you incorporate natural materials like rattan and wood in your furniture and décor, as well as ceramics. Rattan, for one, has the power to give your space a lift by tropicalising it. And you're just in luck, as you're spoilt for choice when it comes to places that sell rattan furniture in Singapore.

Contrast Colours, Textures

Neutral palettes and rustic textures reign supreme in Scandinavian interior design, while light woods and the color white are often utilised in Japanese interior design. Mix the two together to "Japandi-fy" your space by, for example, contrasting wood against black or gray against knit, leather, and other textures.

Statement Pieces

Japanese interior design is all about artisanship, so it only makes sense to invest in quality pieces for the long haul. Whether it’s a new sofa or couch, a vase, perhaps, a lamp, or a futon, make sure you go for pieces that are well-made and sustainable.


Japandi Interior Design plants

To achieve that tranquil and serene vibe of Japandi, consider incorporating indoor plants in your decor. We must, however, caution you from overdoing it. A few potted plants dotted around your space are recommended. The goal is for the plants to complement your interiors and not be the cause of the design's imbalance.

To begin adding greens in your space, here are some plant shops in Singapore to consider!

Find Japandi Inspo From These Home Décor Stores in Singapore

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