5 Real Estate Agencies in S'pore for Your Next Hunt
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5 Real Estate Agencies in Singapore to Check Out on Your Next Hunt

5 Real Estate Agencies in Spore for Your Next Hunt

Thinking of buying a house or condo in Singapore but have a lot of questions in your mind? These questions probably deal with several concerns like affordability, debt-to-income ratio, insurance, and more., which may require the help of real estate professionals.

Singapore’s property market is undeniably one of the most favoured destinations among affluent individuals and businesses, thanks to the city-state’s lifestyle and future economic performance.

In terms of property investment, it’s extremely important to choose who can help you to thoroughly understand the housing market. So, we’ve listed some of the real estate agencies in Singapore known for their effective negotiation skills and property expertise.

Pinnacle Estate Agency

Pinnacle Estate Agency is one of the leading real estate agencies in Singapore with proven skills in marketing, property guides, and other personalised services.

It provides services for the sale and leasing of HDB resale flats, and private residential and commercial properties. To ensure quality service, the agency’s key executive officer, Mr. Sumitro Ong, personally serves the clients. Ong’s 10 years of experience in the real estate industry reflects his effective marketing strategies when pricing properties and selling them online.

With the help of the agency’s in-house media, they also provide 3D virtual tours, professional photos, and home tour videos for all sale and rental listing websites.

Singapore Realtors Inc (SRI)

Another real estate agency in Singapore dedicated to providing client solutions and investing in technology is Singapore Realtors Inc. (SRI).

SRI is a group of realtors that specializes in sales and leasing in different segments. Their services include residential, business and industrial spaces, local project marketing, consulting and financial advisory, and conducting auctions for government agencies.

They have demonstrated teamwork, a friendly environment, and an open culture among colleagues and their clients.

With more than 70 residential, industrial, and commercial launch appointments, SRI has kept a good business record under the leadership of Bala Prakash and Quintino Cassano Lee, who are responsible for grooming a tight and productive team.


Established in 2017, PropertyLimBrothers has shown effective negotiation skills and business strategies through the combination of creative marketing, video content, social media marketing, audience targeting, and relevant analytical tools.

This real estate agency in Singapore has been in the industry for more than a decade. They make home tour presentation videos that attract buyers. Each video, created with uniqueness and creativity, allows potential clients to review the features and benefits of the property they’re eyeing. This campaign strategy has allowed them to sell more than 2,100 homes for their clients.

Singapore Housing Company

This real-estate agency in Singapore prioritises exchange students, expats, and corporates who are having a hard time looking for a nice and clean room at a reasonable price.

As part of their housing solutions and services, they offer commission-free and furnished apartments. They feature affordable properties that can accommodate all your lodging needs.

List Sotheby’s International Realty

List Sotheby’s International Realty started as a residential real estate brokerage. The continuous growth of the company has expanded into new markets, such as property management, investment management, development, and residential and commercial construction.

The company’s extensive consultancy services include international and local project marketing, general brokerage, investment, and research. List Sotheby’s was able to prove its negotiation skills through its network and auction house, allowing the brokerage to reach “ultra-high net worth clients of the world.”

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