Best Podcasts in Singapore that Might Help Ease Your Anxiety
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These Podcasts in Singapore Might Help Ease Your Anxiety

Podcasts in Singapore to Help Ease Your Anxiety

Life can sometimes be extremely overwhelming as there are a lot of factors that might trigger emotional distress, such as financial concerns, relationship conflicts, and personal trauma, to name a few.

For someone with high social anxiety, travelling in unfamiliar places or going to crowded events in a past-faced city like Singapore can be extra challenging. It’s important to figure out what calms you down; you may try baking, running, or listening to podcasts as part of your meditation.

If you haven’t tried out yet, here are some podcasts in Singapore that tackles about anxiety and overall mental health.

Resilience Collective

Resilience Collective is an Institutions of a Public Character (IPC) registered mental health charity based in Singapore that makes up of a team of individuals who lived and experienced mental health conditions. In 2021, the charity launched the “Not a Pity Party Podcast” to become their voice in sharing empowering values gleaned from first-hand experiences and knowledge. It is also an avenue to break the stigma and promote peer support.

As of writing, this podcast in Singapore has six episodes that tackles about taming social anxiety, disempowering toxic masculinity, reclaiming self-worth, coping with self-harm, and overcoming silent struggles among others.

Listen to Not A Pity Party Podcast

My Mental Health

Led by Temasek Foundation and the Child Development Unit of National University Hospital, this podcast in Singapore discusses anxiety among children.

Each episode involves parents, caregivers, or teachers working with young children alongside health professionals who talk about social-emotional health and developmental needs to support kids with anxiety.

At present, My Mental Health Podcast is available on Spotify with two episodes on child self-regulation skills and signs of anxiety in a child.

Lisen to My Mental Health

Some Scuffs

With more than 30 episodes, Some Scuffs is a Singapore-based podcast that speaks about “a neurotic with high social anxiety tries to figure people out.”

Hosted by writer Davelle Lee, this podcast series touches unspoken issues on fears, insecurities, and dreams of living in the Lion city.

Some episodes we recommend are “Embracing vulnerability at work,” “How should we be talking about mental illness?,” “How do we make Singapore feel more like home?,” and “Alone but not lonely.”

Listen to Some Scuffs on Apple Podcast

Restore Your Peace

Restoring Peace is a private mental health facility that offers counselling and consultancy services in Singapore. They produce a series of podcasts to help ease mental health illnesses such as trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), sexual abuse, anxiety, depression, grief, phobia, relationships, and other related challenges.

As a safe space for everyone struggling with mental health issues, you may listen to their podcasts where you can hear fresh insights and advice from their team and their host Founder and Clinical Director of Restoring Peace, Rose Faquir.

As of May 11, 2022, this podcast in Singapore has 20 episodes.

Listen to Restore Your Peace podcast

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