Shi Fu Miz 2023 Guide: Line-up, Tickets, Dates, Music


The Beat Asia Guide to Shi Fu Miz 2023: Line-up, Tickets, Dates, Music

Hong Kong’s legendary Shi Fu Miz Festival is back on Oct. 27 to 29 with a mega international and local line-up to bring the good vibes back to Cheung Chau Island.

Set up on Sai Yuen Farm on the idyllic outlying island, four stages will showcase exceptional electronic music, with a focus on music lifestyle, community connection, and well-being throughout the festival.

The three-day festival will welcome guests from afar and close to us in Hong Kong. For a weekend of debauchery, music, love, and happiness, follow our guide for music, art, experiences, and camping information on how to have the best Shi Fu Miz Festival!

International and local line-up at Shi Fu Miz Festival 

Shi Fu Miz Festival 2023 is hosting one of the greatest international line-ups, featuring some worldwide-renowned acts hailing from all corners, such as French-Korean artist S.O.N.S, Soichi Terada Live from Japan, Jamie Tiller from the U.K., and Gigi Testa from Italy.

Regional acts are featuring names familiar with the Asian clubbing circuit, including Bagvs & Gero from Potato Head in Bali, Di Lihn of Savage in Hanoi, Emel & Katsu from UNKNWN in Manila, and Mogwaa from Gudu in Seoul.

Local Hong Kong artists make up the majority of the talent roster, with names DJ Ani Phoebe, Arthur Yeti of Yeti Out, fresh DJ duo Busyboi B2B Jfung, Latin music maker Gia Fu, reggae propagators Heavy HK Takeover, drum and bass stars Mengzy & Just Bee & Subez, U.K. music experts Sticky Fried Vibes Takeover, and techno DJ Yunus.

Check the bottom of this article to see the full line-up for the weekend.

Creative arts, culture, and movement

Embracing holistic wellness, Shi Fu Miz is expanding its offerings this year. Attendees can expect various activities aimed at nourishing the mind, body, and spirit. From the serene art of Yoga and Meditation to the rejuvenating techniques of Breath work and Sound Healing, this festival is on a mission to promote holistic health.

Shi Fu Miz isn’t just for adults. The festival warmly welcomes the young ones, offering free entry for kids under 12. A multitude of activities and workshops will ensure they have an equally immersive experience.

Sustainability at the heart of Shi Fu Miz

With its roots deeply ingrained in sustainability, the event emphasises eco-consciousness at every step. From banning single-use plastics and promoting reusable bottles to introducing biodegradable bags, Shi Fu Miz is gearing up to be a zero-waste celebration.

The commitment doesn’t stop there. Stages and décor, built using recycled and uncycled materials, echo the festival’s green pledge. Attendees can deepen their understanding of eco-practices through enlightening eco-talks, workshops, and beach clean-ups.

Camping on Cheung Chau Island at Shi Fu Miz

Explore the pristine farmland, discover luxury camping areas like teepees and safari tents, or simply gaze at the stars from the geodesic domes. The venue, a blend of sandy beaches, grassy fields, and even a roller-skating pit, ensures every attendee finds their perfect spot. And with the festival spread over three days, there's ample opportunity to indulge in wellness activities or dive into creative workshops.

Perched on an island, the festival offers unique lodging experiences that seamlessly blend with nature:

  • Star-Gazing Geodesic Dome: Sleep beneath the stars in this uniquely designed dome.
  • Safari Tent: Experience the wild in comfort with these luxurious tents.
  • Bring Your Own Tent: For those who love the classic camping feel, pitch your tent and become one with nature.

Full international, regional, and local line-up at Shi Fu Miz Festival 2023


  • Antal (Netherlands)
  • Camion Bazar (France)
  • Gigi Testa (Italy)
  • Identified Patient (Netherlands) Jamie Tiller (Germany)
  • La Mamie’s (France)
  • Mr.Ho (Hong Kong)
  • Midland (U.K.)
  • Octave One Live (USA)
  • Red Greg (U.K.)
  • S.O.N.S (France/Seoul)
  • Soichi Terada Live (Japan)
  • Yu Su (China/Canada)

Regional (Asia)

  • Bagvs & Gero (Potato Head, Bali)
  • Bongo, Muto & Toppings (Ice Cream Sundays, Singapore) CYK (Tokyo)
  • Di Linh (Savage, Hanoi)
  • Elaheh & Sarayu (More Rice, Bangkok)
  • Emel & Katsu (UNKNWN, Manila)
  • Licaxxx (TCR, Tokyo)
  • Mogwaa (Gudu, Seoul)

Local (Hong Kong)

  • Abyss Takeover
  • Ani Phoebe
  • Arthur Yeti
  • Arun R
  • Busyboi B2b Jfüng
  • Casey Anderson & Misty Penguin Chaotic Pavilion Takeover Ganjaman Vibrations
  • Gia Fu
  • Guido Balboa & Yadin Moha Greg-Greg & MLCH
  • Heavy HK Takeover Mengzy & Just Bee & Subez 宀 Club Takeover
  • Re:Flex
  • Sai Street Sessions
  • Sticky Fried Vibes Takeover Tri Takeover
  • Xiaolin
  • Y2K Takeover
  • Yunus

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