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Instagram Dragon Muay Thai Club

Discovering the Best Muay Thai Gyms in Kuala Lumpur

Klang Valley is home to some of the finest Muay Thai gyms in the region, each offering a unique blend of world-class training, experienced instructors, and vibrant communities.
Class Pass Guide

A Quick Guide to ClassPass for a Fun, Workout-Hopping Experience

If you want to jazz up your workouts and wellness routine, ClassPass is here to give you the range to explore various studios through its unique credit system.
24 7 Gyms in Manila 1

Meet Your Fitness Goals at Your Own Pace at These 24/7 Gyms in Manila

Ready to lose those pounds after all that delicious feast during the holidays? Check out these 24/7 gyms in Manila so you can work out on your own time.
KL Boutique Gyms Have It All

From Boxing to Barre: Kuala Lumpur's Boutique Gyms That Have It All

Kuala Lumpur’s thriving fitness scene features boutique gyms that cater to the needs of fitness enthusiasts who are looking for specialized workout experiences.
Start Your Fitness Journey With One of These Boxing Gyms in Singapore

Start Your Fitness Journey With One of These Boxing Gyms in Singapore

Boxing is one of the best workouts to lose fat in as little as four weeks. To help you with your fitness journey, here are some of the best boxing gyms in SG
Cycling Classes in Bangkok

Put a Spin on Your Workouts With These Cycling Classes in Bangkok

Bored of your current workout routine? Can't imagine being on the treadmill day in and day out? Put a spin on your workouts with these cycling classes in Bangkok!
Rock Climbing and Bouldering in Bangkok

Up for a Challenge? Best Spots to Rock Climb and Boulder in Bangkok

Do you want to challenge yourself or do something new with friends or a date? Rock climbing and bouldering may tick that box. Here’s where to do it in Bangkok!