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KL Boutique Gyms Have It All

From Boxing to Barre: Kuala Lumpur's Boutique Gyms That Have It All

Kuala Lumpur’s thriving fitness scene features boutique gyms that cater to the needs of fitness enthusiasts who are looking for specialized workout experiences.
COVID Rules Untouched Despite Rise in Cases

COVID Rules Untouched Despite Increase in Cases

Health authorities explained at a press briefing that there are no plans to double down on COVID restrictions at the moment.
Diabetes Kills

Diabetes Killed Over 500 People in Hong Kong Last Year

Nov. 14 marks World Diabetes Day, an annual global awareness campaign used to remind members of the public to be vigilant in preventing diabetes.
Where to Buy Organic Food and Products in Hong Kong

Where to Buy Organic Food and Products in Hong Kong

From fairtrade pantry food and fridge essentials to organic health supplements and pills, we found the best stores to buy organic food and products in Hong Kong.
Zumba Classes in Singapore

Dance the Fats Away: Where to Find Zumba Classes in Singapore

Get in shape and achieve your fitness goals by removing the “work” from workout. Here are some Zumba classes you can enrol in Singapore.
Enrolment for Govt 10000 Steps a Day Campaign Opens Oct 5

Enrolment for Gov't ’10,000 Steps a Day’ Campaign Opens Oct. 5

The “10,000 Steps a Day” campaign is set to encourage Hong Kongers to increase physical activity and combat the risk of non-communicable diseases