COVID Rules Remain Untouched Despite Increase in Cases

COVID Rules Untouched Despite Increase in Cases

Health authorities explained at a press briefing that there are no plans to double down on COVID restrictions at the moment, according to local reporting by RTHK.

Albert Au, from the Centre for Health Protection, said there was an eight percent increase in cases, with more locally acquired cases this week.

Undersecretary for Health, Libby Lee, told press there was no need to tighten COVID rules at present, “No one, indeed, wants to backtrack at the expense of the health of citizens. At this stage, we do not see the need to make adjustments,” she was quoted as saying.

“The fact that we have to tighten social distancing measures is not solely due to COVID, there are other factors at play. We are not at that stage right now.”

She also urged infected people to seek medical assistance, noting that many people prefer to delay seeking out help from medical professionals.

For more information on what measures to take if you have contracted the virus, click here.

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