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Go Meatless This Lent With Frozen Plant based Meat Line Umani

Where to Get Plant-based Meat Products During Lent

Lent is an important time of faith, but also a challenging one when our loved ones are picky with their food and don’t eat vegetables. But you can change that.
20220727 Where to Buy Plant Based Cheese in Hong Kong header

Where to Buy Plant-Based Cheese in Hong Kong

No matter if you are switching to plant-based cheese because of veganism, lactose intolerance, or curiosity, these shops have got you covered.
IKEA Singapore Aims to Make 50 of Their Meals be Plant Based by 2025

IKEA Singapore Aims to Make 50% of Their Meals be Plant-Based by 2025

As part of IKEA’s global sustainability movement, IKEA Singapore has started aiming to make 50% of their restaurant meals be plant-based by 2025.