Go Meatless This Lent With Plant-based Meat Line Umani
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Where to Get Plant-based Meat Products During Lent

Go Meatless This Lent With Frozen Plant based Meat Line Umani

Catholics have long practiced the tradition of giving up meat during Lent as a form of abstinence. Once equated to indulgence and celebrations, meat evokes a degree of dissonance in a season that’s supposed to be marked by fasting and reflections.

It’s an important time of faith for our family, but also a challenging one, especially if we have loved ones who are picky with their food or don’t eat vegetables at all.

If they’re getting sick of the same old dishes every year, you might want to spice things up in the kitchen and prepare plant-based meals. The good news? It’s now easier to do with plant-based meat products, like the ones from Umani.

Solving Meat Cravings With Alternatives

Umani is the plant-based meat line of WTH Foods, a food tech startup founded in 2019 that has “taken the challenge of turning vegetables into something fit for meaty cravings.” The company believes that plant-based food is the key to food security and sustainability, so they aim to innovate food that’s good for all and the planet.

WTH Foods Umani products, plant-based ground meat
Screenshot from Website/Umani

If you’re looking to transition to meat alternatives, whether for good or this Lent only, there’s no need to sacrifice taste or nutrients with their 100% frozen plant-based meat products. They’re all vegan-friendly, rich in fiber and protein, and are free of trans fat and cholesterol. Most of their products are also gluten-free, while some don’t contain garlic and onions.

Choosing a Frozen Plant-based Product

Umani offers a wide range of meat-free products, such as smoked sausage (P165), ham slices (P120), sisig (P160), burger patties (P135), ground meat (P120), holiday ham (P450), and tapa (P165). They also offer fish-free tuna in black pepper and chili oil (P175), the brand’s first alternative seafood product, made with soy and wheat and enriched with chlorella which is a good source of omega-3.

WTH Foods Umani products
Screenshot from Website/WTH Foods
WTH Foods Umani products, plant-based ground meat
Screenshot from Website/WTH Foods

To order, simply visit WTH Foods’ website or checkout via Lazada. Their products have a storage life of eight months if kept in the freezer, so you don’t have to worry if you can’t cook all your orders within the week.

Finding a Recipe for You

The photos of the food on their website look great, but is it possible to replicate them to entice your picky loved ones to eat? The short answer is yes.

WTH Foods Umani recipes
Screenshot from Website/WTH Foods

Whether you’re clueless or are running out of ideas for that ground meat you just bought, you can browse through the many recipes Umani has on their website. Go ahead and try making a plant-based sesame soy noodle, spaghetti, fully loaded pizza, embutido, chickpeas con carne, or Filipino-style picadillo this week.

The instructions are detailed and easy to follow, and some have quick videos to give you a better idea. You can also follow their Facebook for more recipes and updates on discounts. For more information, visit WTH Foods and Umani's website.

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