5 Expense Trackers to Help Budget Your Finances This 2024
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Struggling to Budget Your Money? Here Are Five Expense Trackers to Help You

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Budgeting may seem like an easy task, but the truth of the matter is, it takes a lot out of you. Not only do you need to think ahead about your expenses for the next few weeks or months, but you’re also dealing with numbers, which can be confusing. The good thing is that expense-tracking apps are available to make the process of budgeting smooth and straightforward. Often, these applications have calendars, in-app calculators, and budget planning sheets that can be beneficial for your money-saving strategy.

Here are some of the best budgeting apps if you’re struggling to manage your hard-earned money.

Spending Tracker

Google Play/Spending Tracker

As straightforward as its name, Spending Tracker is a user-friendly application that showcases an intuitive interface, making it an ideal choice for beginners. Some of its best features include the Log Expense and Income function, which allows for easy logging of budget entries; the Flexible Time Periods feature, which lets you choose to track your budget weekly, monthly, or yearly; and the Reports tab, which gives you an overview of where your money goes.

Spending Tracker is available for free download on Google Play and App Store.


Whether you’re a business owner who needs an app to keep track of expenses or someone saving up for a big purchase, Expensify might be the app you’re looking for. Dubbed the “ultimate expense management solution,” this tracker boasts efficient features to help you budget your money seamlessly. It has a receipt scanner and organizer, which helps streamline expense management and offers better financial insights for the user. Moreover, it also features a budget tracker that supports multiple currencies.

Expensify is available for free download on Google Play and App Store.



Whether you’re newlyweds or a couple living in one home, Honeydue is the perfect budget-tracking app for you. Tailor-made specifically for couples, this application helps you manage your budget, expenses, and bills together. This app promotes transparency between partners, allowing both of you to see all of your bank account balances in one place. However, if you want to maintain a sense of privacy while also having a joint tracker, there’s an option that lets you choose how much of your financial information you share with your partner.

Honeydue is available for free download on Google Play and App Store.


If you’re building a family or planning to move out of your home, Goodbudget can help you manage your expenses throughout the whole moving process. It features a myriad of helpful functions, including the ability to list your expenses and upcoming bills and notify you when the due date is near, so you don’t miss any payments. The best part is that transactions are backed up to the cloud and accessible from other devices, including Goodbudget’s web app.

Goodbudget is available for free download on Google Play and App Store.

Krungthai NEXT

Website/Krungthai NEXT

Do you need an application that will help you keep track of your finances at your fingertips? Krungthai NEXT is your best bet. This Thailand-born app is easy to use, allowing you to transfer money, top up accounts, pay bills, withdraw funds, and apply for loans with no hassle. It also features a function called Smart Banner, which gives you reminders about your upcoming payments so you can avoid late fees. Moreover, it also allows users to schedule transactions up to 24 months in advance, giving you the ease of knowing that your bills will be paid on time. For queries and more details about the app, reach out to Krungthai NEXT via 02-111-1111.

Krungthai NEXT is available for free download on Google Play and App Store.

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