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Famous Thai Mukbang YouTubers That Are Worth Subscribing To

Indeed, the YouTube vlogging industry has changed the lives of many content creators who gained popularity and influence. Not to mention, the online platform has also become a source of entertainment for various audiences, like fashionistas, shoppers, artists, foodies, and the like.

One of the coolest yet unique trends in YouTube videos is mukbang or meokbang. It is a unique dining concept where people consume massive amounts of food while filming or livestreaming themselves.

While most people may see mukbang videos as fun content, others are baffled by how these mukbang YouTubers manage to vicariously eat a heavy amount of food in a single sitting. The main purpose of mukbang is to introduce viewers to the specialties and culinary traditions of a certain region or country.

We don’t promote overeating, but if you are curious about satisfying foods in Thailand, here are some of the best Thai mukbangers you should binge watch.

Chumnan Maunghong

Chumnan Maunghong is a Thai mukbang YouTuber who frequently does his mukbang videos in the middle of the ocean while on a boat. He loves to indulge in spicy Northeastern Thai seafood salad, as well as crabs, shellfish, shrimp, and more.

One of his most popular videos released in 2018 reached 5.4 million views. He recorded a video while preparing and eating a huge bowl of salad made from shrimp and fresh vegetables. At present, Chumnan has more than 725,000 subscribers on YouTube. 

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Hagna Channel

With more than 2.84 million subscribers, Hagna Channel is a Thai mukbang YouTuber who joined the bandwagon in April 2016. If you’re a fan of his content, you can spot him doing mukbang with his wife, Chansri Khon Suay.

Some common local foods featured in his mukbang videos are fresh crab salad, banana blossom, kayang yup vegetables, koi, bitter shellfish, pounding beans, big squid topped with chili, crispy skinned pork with spicy green sauce, and more. 

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Peach Eat Laek

Peach Eat Laek is a Thai mukbang YouTuber who has amassed 8.34 million subscribers since he started creating content in 2018. From popular restaurants to hidden gourmet spots, he loves to try various foods across Thailand, including Potato Corner's rice menu (limited edition), Fried Rice with Salt and Chili Crab at Football Seafood, sushi from Gokana omakase, and more.

His most popular mukbang video has received more than 44 million views, in which he can be seen eating at Nong Noodles. He ordered a large bowl of wonton soup, wonton, two sticks of meatballs, rice with roasted red pork, rice with crispy pork (two orders), rice with green curry chicken, rice with stewed pork, rice with BBQ chicken, rice with roasted chicken and herbs, pork bone spicy soup, and two additional bowls of noodles, two bowls of fermented pork (200 grams each).

As a mukbanger who tends to overeat, he owns a health and beauty product called Befita to promote “balances [in] the intestines and excretory system.” 

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Pimry Pie

Pimadaporn Benchawatthawat, or popularly known as Pimry Pie, is one of Thailand’s celebrities and an internet sensation who began her career as an online seller.

Despite her “loud” personality, she is recognized for being a charitable person who supports locals in Thailand. Aside from her successful career in singing, she is also a beauty blogger and a mukbang YouTuber.

Some of the foods she loves to eat in her mukbang videos are shrimp with fermented sauce and chili, pork BBQ, seashells, fruits, a giant gummy bear, and other delicacies. She also enjoys cooking and preparing the food she features in her content. She has more than six million subscribers, as of November 2022. 

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Gin Pai Thai Rang

Gin Pai Thai Rang, whose real name is Yainang, is yet another Thai mukbang YouTuber who will make you feel extremely hungry while watching her devour various foods. She’s currently based in Denmark for over 20 years, where she was inspired to create content about the food and culture of Denmark and Thailand.

Based on her YouTube channel, she loves to hunt down and cook the food she will be eating, like giant lobsters, oysters, and mushroom soup (cooked in Isan style), among others.

Together with her boyfriend, she also likes to mukbang chicken noodle soup, sticky rice, vegetables, salad, durian, spring rolls, and more. One of her most viewed mukbang videos reached four million views, featuring a giant Chinese radish paired with fresh tuna dipped in wasabi and spicy seafood sauce. She has more than 1.74 million subscribers.

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SaoLoei GinZab

This Thai mukbang YouTuber certainly loves to eat spicy foods and has been creating videos since October 2018. One of the mukbang videos posted by SaoLoei GinZab, also known as Jem, has more than seven million views. In the video, she can be seen eating sour mango dipped in spicy fermented fish sauce, which will surely make your face scrunch up in sourness.

Other mukbang videos that she uploaded include recipes like spicy egg squid salad, spicy Malaysian cup noodles, spicy pickled fish with papaya salad, Northeastern sausage with fresh chili, eggplant soup with mackerel, Northeastern Thai sausage with fresh chili, and more. 

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