Subsidy Request for Clubhouses, Others Open Until Mar. 17

New Subsidy Application for Clubhouses, Amusement Game Centres Open Until March 17

Eligible licence holders of clubhouses, guesthouses, and amusement game centres can submit their application for the sixth round of government subsidies until March 17.

Meanwhile, licence holders of mahjong/tin kau (MJ/TK) can apply until March 21.

According to separate announcements issued by the Office of the Licensing Authority last February, the sixth round of the Anti-Epidemic Fund will provide HK$50,000 for each eligible guesthouse with one to five licensed guestrooms, and HK$8,000 to those with six or more.

Eligible clubhouses will be given HK$100,000 each, plus a further subsidy of HK$50,000 to those with karaoke establishment, nightclub or bar/pub in the premises.

The government will also provide a subsidy of HK$50,000 for eligible holders of valid Certificates of Compliance, amusement game centre operators, and MJ/TK licence holders. An additional subsidy of HK$25,000 will be provided for those with karaoke establishments, nightclubs or bars/pubs in their clubhouse premises.

The latest round of subsidies comes amid government efforts to curb the economic impact of the pandemic.

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