Non-Local Vaccine Platform Relaunched On Online Service

Non-Local Vaccine Platform Relaunched On Online Service

The government has launched an online platform for visitors and Hong Kongers to declare their non-local vaccination records for use in Hong Kong.

With consideration of visitors arriving to Hong Kong holding non-local records, starting from September 2021, the government has arranged for people to declare their records through boundary control points, post offices, and online.

The online service will allow visitors to be issued with vaccination record QR codes, enabling them to use the vaccine pass directly with access to most public premises. Those specific persons may download the vaccination record QR codes again directly though the government Electronic Vaccination & Testing Record System.

People who have received COVID-19 vaccines outside Hong Kong should present their non-local vaccination records and complete the form to access their Hong Kong vaccination record QR code before Aug. 31, 2022, advised the government.

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