Hong Kong Announces Student Grant for the 2022-2023

Hong Kong Government Rolls Out Student Grants for 2022-2023

The Education Bureau issued a memorandum to all schools and kindergartens in Hong Kong to announce the arrangements for providing a student grant, a government-run news portal reported on Sept. 19.

The student grant of HK$2,500 is offered to day school students in secondary schools, primary schools, special schools, and kindergartens in Hong Kong. All students are eligible for the grant, even if the curriculum taught is non-local.

Newly arrived children joining the full-time Initiation Programme funded by the bureau and eligible children attending special childcare centres subsidised by the Social Welfare Department are entitled to the grant. Students taking full-time Vocational Training Council’s (VTC) programmes for Secondary 3 school leavers are also eligible to apply for the grant.

Students attending evening schools, private studies, holders of student visas into Hong Kong for studies, and holders of the regcognisance forms issues by the Immigration Department are ineligible.

Schools can collect application forms at regional education offices from Sept. 20. Special child care centres and VTCs can collect forms at the Special Duties Office.

Parents are advised complete and return the forms to schools as soon as possible as schools must submit the documents to the bureau by Nov. 4. The grant will be disbursed gradually within approximately six weeks after the application has been received.

The Education Bureau plants to implement a pilot scheme for government schools in 2022-2023, enabling applicants to submit online applications.

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