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Delish Eats: Lobster Shack, A Crustacean Love Affair in Sai Ying Pun

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Restaurant history: A longstanding member of Bistro Concept Group, headed by Chris Przemyski, this cosy Boston Wharf style seafood restaurant first opened in February 2020 as an addition to their line-up around the Sai Ying Pun neighbourhood.

Restaurant story: As the group’s seafood mainstay, Lobster Shack serves accessible plates of seafood that even the pickiest of eaters won’t turn their noses up at, showcasing the potential of their fresh ingredients to become comfort dishes that win hearts. Sticking to the group’s core tenets, the venue uses only sourced and sustainably farmed marine produce.

What’s the vibe and venue like: Affording guests privacy as a “shack” tucked away along Second Street, the modestly sized location is decked out in nautically themed decor and brightly coloured murals. Seating around two dozen guests at most, it seems a custom for bar seaters to bring their glasses along for some convivial chat out front on busier nights, lending to a bustling neighbourhood joint vibe.

Lobster Shack

How much does it cost: Shared between two, the meal averaged at around a little over HK$600 per head for a total of HK$1272 for this meal.

What is the menu about: Stretching beyond simply seafood, inclusive of a “cold bar” of fresh oysters, the full menu range also serves salads, appetizer soups and tapas, pastas and risottos, as well as two dessert choices.

What did we order: Whole Fresh Lobster, Surf N Turf, Pollock Fish & Chips, Lobster Mac & Cheese.

Lobster Shack

Whole Fresh Lobster: Before even tucking in, we were teased with the lobster’s wafting fragrance from the open kitchen, adding to the anticipation. Seared consistently all over, with an even spray of garlic lemon butter all over, the crustacean was showcased in a most simplistic form, plump and full of meat.

Lobster Shack

Surf N Turf: As mentioned, the lobster dishes presented over the course of the evening were all prepared expertly. Paired with a rib eye steak and served alongside a bed of greens and stack of shoelace fries, this classic combination demonstrated to us that the restaurant’s strong suit is in juicy seafood.

Lobster Shack

Pollock Fish & Chips: Battered lightly and served with shoestring fries, the fillet is light and crispy on the outside, flaky and fluffy on the inside. Retaining a traditionally British touch thanks to its crunch, the dish is a ‘slighter’ and local take on the UK staple that’s better suited to Hong Kong tastes.

Lobster Shack

Lobster Mac & Cheese: The rich savouriness of lobster bisque had translated superbly into the house-made cream that coated the noodles. Thick cuts of lobster meat are encrusted into the mixture like gems in the rough, complementing the steaming, gooey cheese with gusto. This dish was definitely the star of the evening.

What we liked: The unpretentious eatery gives a hole-in-the-wall vibe that’s great for intimate yet laidback meets, family-style seafood feasts with groups, and any other easy-going gathering. Deeply comforting, the dining experience is one of homely simplicity.

What we didn’t like: Whilst the eatery plates up their seafood dishes with great flourish, we felt the steak was overshadowed. On a return, we would opt to try out their other seafood-forward choices, perhaps the fusion Typhoon Crab Linguini, to get a feel of the pasta menu as well.

What you should order: Lobster Mac & Cheese, Fresh Lobster, Lobster Roll, Crab Cakes Sliders, Lobster Bisque, Typhoon Crab Linguini

Location: Lobster Shack, G/F, Tak Ming Lau, 6-8 Second Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

Contact details: +852 2381 8138

This food review is based on a complimentary media tasting provided by Lobster Shack in exchange for a truthful review and no compensation. The opinions expressed within represent the views of the author.

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