6 Exciting Virtual Reality Experiences to Try in Hong Kong
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Most Exciting Virtual Reality Experiences to Try in Hong Kong

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Most Exciting Virtual Reality Experiences to Try in Hong Kong 1

Whether it's a rainy day or you're seeking respite from the heat, the best way to relax and stay cool might just be to find some air conditioning. As virtual reality (VR) increasingly influences our world, the thrill of exploring worlds beyond our physical realm and engaging in immersive games with friends becomes more tantalising.

For those keen to journey into these mystical worlds, here's our guide to the top virtual reality experiences in Hong Kong, spanning Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kwun Tong, and more.

Sandbox VR 

Most Exciting Virtual Reality Experiences to Try in Hong Kong
Website/Sandbox VR

Sandbox VR elevates virtual reality gaming with its uniquely social immersive experiences. Merging advanced motion capture with high-quality haptics, this venue promises a level of immersion that home VR systems or other VR spots can't match. Groups of friends can dive into action-packed movies and journey through virtual worlds collectively.

These games are social by design, necessitating player collaboration. Sandbox VR's state-of-the-art technology precisely tracks players, letting them see their avatars in the virtual realm.

Where: Sandbox VR, 4/F, Tern Plaza, 5 Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon


Most Exciting Virtual Reality Experiences to Try in Hong Kong

VAR LIVE HK is a next-gen virtual reality arcade situated in Lai Chi Kok D2 Place One. With over 10 in-house VR games, each experience occurs in themed rooms that use 4D elements, like tactile weaponry and vibrating floors, to heighten immersion.

A mere two-minute walk from the MTR station, VAR LIVE is highly accessible. Catering to all ages and virtually eliminating motion sickness concerns, it delivers a holistic VR experience. VAR LIVE is on the frontier of VR entertainment, fusing auditory, visual, and tactile elements to forge a limitless virtual realm.

Where: VAR LIVE HK, 1/F, D2 Place ONE, 125-127 Cheung Yee Street, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon

VR Arena CWB

Most Exciting Virtual Reality Experiences to Try in Hong Kong

VR Arena offers an interactive virtual reality gaming experience. Beyond a diverse game selection, including zombie shootouts and racing simulations, they have features like the Virtuix Omni VR, an omni-directional treadmill enabling players to freely walk in any direction.

Positioned in bustling Causeway Bay, VR Arena invites enthusiasts to surpass physical limitations and immerse fully in virtual experiences. With over 19 games and assorted entertainment choices, this spot guarantees an exhilarating VR adventure.

Where: VR ARENA CWB, Unit 1703, 17/F, Causeway Bay Center, 15-23 Sugar Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Sky High Tech Zone at sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck

Most Exciting Virtual Reality Experiences to Try in Hong Kong

The ICC’s sky100 Sky High Tech Zone offers visitors a VR tour, displaying the city's landmarks and attractions from one of the world's tallest observation platforms. With this VR tech, tourists can virtually traverse Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, and the New Territories. Clicking landmark icons reveals historical insights and facts.

The VR setting also toggles between day and night, offering varying views. The 360-degree panorama lets visitors switch viewpoints for a holistic Hong Kong vista.

Where: sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck 100/F, International Commerce Centre, 1 Austin Road West, Austin, Kowloon

V-Owl Station

Most Exciting Virtual Reality Experiences to Try in Hong Kong
Website/V-Owl Station

V-Owl Station in the Kwun Tong District boasts a variety of multiplayer VR experiences. Players can engage in exclusive games that blur the lines between VR and reality. The site also houses a 4D VR dynamic control cabin for heightened realism. Rentals are available, and the station promises diverse and immersive VR adventures.

Where: V-Owl Station, 77 Hoi Yuen Road, Yip Fat Factory Building, Block 1, Kwun Tong, Kowloon

AME Stadium

Most Exciting Virtual Reality Experiences to Try in Hong Kong
Website/AME Stadium

AME Stadium, Hong Kong's inaugural local sports and e-sports stadium, is located at the K11 Art Mall in Tsim Sha Tsui. Asia Motion E-Sports (AME) is the sole Hong Kong e-sports entity championing a "sports + e-sports" model.

The stadium features a revamped space with 10 sports and VR experiences, challenging visitors' physical prowess, endurance, speed, and collaboration. Merging Hong Kong street VR with sports science data analytics, AME Stadium delivers a distinct sports e-sports journey.

Where: AME Stadium, 223, 2/F, K11 Art Mall, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

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