Hire or Rent a Robot in Hong Kong — Find Out How
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Now You Can Hire or Rent a Robot in Hong Kong — Find Out How

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Now You Can Hire or Rent a Robot in Hong Kong Find Out How 3

The advanced technology in Hong Kong paved the way for the rise of robots, fueled by the thriving ecosystem of startups. Many of these companies use robots to strengthen their resources, providing fast and reliable services for their customers.

As robots continue to become the star of the corporate stage, these became a versatile option to become human’s metal-made friendly support, especially in terms of educational purposes and futuristic advertising.

In Hong Kong, there are technology brands that offer robots for rent or for hire that will suit your robotic needs.

Rent-A-Robot Powered by Parami

Rent-A-Robot is a one-stop e-store for your robotic needs as you can select different kinds of robots depending on its hardware, software, and other solutions. They believe that incorporating robots and AI technology benefits the company and the community by providing various services just like what humans can do.

They offer robots for rent in Hong Kong that are easy to maintain and user-friendly, especially for businesses that recently started their automation journey. You can choose among their guidance robots (commercial use for hospitals, hotels, banks, and more.), companion robots (designed to befriend, entertain, and teach), delivery robots, disinfection robots, patrol robots (intelligent security), and education robots (robotic learning and educational resources). To view Rent-A-Robot’s complete products, go here.

Location: 15A, 11/F, Nan Fung Commercial Centre, 19 Lam Lok Street, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon

The Win Win Group 

The Win Win Group specialises in various services including robotic technology and software development. Launched in 1976, the company offers service robots in Hong Kong especially designed for sales and marketing, integration and chatbot solution, and software application development. Most of their clients are involved in the fields of banking and financial services, tourism and hospitality, transportation, retail environment, and health care.

The company robots are classified into three: Softbank Robotics, Sanbot Robotics, and Kompai Robotics. Each category may vary depending on your robotic needs such as customer service, a blend of human and machine, and healthcare assistants, among others.

Location: 7/F Block C, Sea View Estate, 8 Watson Road, North Point

Scarlett Entertainment

Scarlett Entertainment is a global entertainment specialist that offers robots for hire. The company is not located in Hong Kong, but they provide hired robots in the autonomous region and other countries like China, Macau, the Middle East, and more.

You can hire specially programmed performing robots for events like technology exhibits, trade fairs, corporate functions, and more. The robots available for rent in Hong Kong are Walk Around Robot Brothers (twin robots) and LED Walking Robot (can perform under dim lights). 

You can book Scarlett Entertainment robots here.

Cyber Robotics

Cyber Robotics, one of the robotic pioneers in Hong Kong, launched in 2006 and features educational and service robots. They have options of ready-made and customised robots for instructional functions and commercial use.

They supply robotic services to The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the Hong Kong Police Force, MTR, and many more.

Cyber Robotics’ products include robot platforms, education robot kids, and toy robot kids. Price starts at HK$840.

August Robotics

August Robotics is committed to designing and constructing reliable and safe robots that can help humans in the labour force. As a global company, August Robotics has various offices around the world including in Mainland China, Germany, the United States, and Hong Kong.

To date, the company has two functioning robots (Lionel and Diego) and more under development. Lionel is built with an autonomous floor marking system to provide fast and accurate labelling of electrical points, rigging points, booth numbers, and electrical descriptions for trade shows.

On the other hand, Diego is a disinfection robot that uses high-end disinfection with UV-C light. Aside from air purification, Diego can clean and sanitise soft surfaces of sofas, carpets, pillows, and more. To know the other key features of Lionel and Diego, visit August Robotics website.

Location: Unit 230, Building 19W, Science and Technology Ave W, Hong Kong Science Park, Sha Tin

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