Illustrator Vivian Ho Creating Hypnotic Hong Kong Landscapes

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Who is Vivian Ho, the Mural Illustrator Creating Hypnotic 3D Hong Kong Landscapes

Artist Vivian Ho has nurtured an epic following online in recent years with her distinctly unique mural compositions that blend the modern architecture and streetscapes of Hong Kong with Chinese mythical elements and futuristic gadgets in a mesmerizing hypnotic steampunk-style.

Signed to Shout Gallery in Hong Kong and A2Z Art Gallery in Paris, Vivian has collaborated with Casetify, MTR, Welcome, Central Market, Pacific Place, and Chow Sang Sang, designing sleek 3D illustrations connecting with guests and customers.

The Beat Asia sat down for a chat with Vivian to explore her journey as an artist, what her murals mean, the inspirations behind her collaged illustrations, and the next exciting projects she’s working on.

Tell me a bit about yourself, Vivian. How did your artistic creative journey begin?

“I have always liked drawing since [I was] small and decided to get [a] proper art education in college. I was an economics and studio art major (studying oil painting) at Wesleyan University.”

“Upon graduation, I decided that I did not want to get a job, and I started scouting opportunities to join all kinds of big and small exhibitions. Eventually, I self-taught an illustration style and experimented with very low-tech methods to create computer graphics.”

How would you describe your classic collage design in your illustrations and how did it develop?

“I am a very classically trained oil painter, so I always keep a realistic style in my works. I am particularly obsessed with colour palettes and shapes. The collage design is my other fascination with “surrealism”.”

“It is a constant thought process of how to make use of the power of illustration while keeping a realistic approach. My conclusion is to add in a wild imagination.”

What inspirations do you take when creating an illustration?

“I like creating a cinematic atmosphere to the overall composition. So, perspective and architecture [has] always [been] my thing. My subject matter is mostly around Hong Kong and its unique culture. It is my quest for my own search for identity.”

What would you like people to feel when looking at your layered, 3D-design, collage illustrations?

“I hope to create an immersive feeling: a familiar but fantastical world.”

What do you love about Hong Kong and how does that show through your art?

“I love the people, the vibe, the culture, the colour. I think the way I compose my art is very “Hong Kong,” chaotic but in in order.”

What does your art say about Hong Kong and your relationship with the city?

“I have a deep love for the city as I was born and bred here. I did not appreciate the place as much, until I went to study abroad for college and travelled much around the world. There is always a question in my mind that what makes Hong Kong Hong Kong.”

“I want to help preserve the culture of the city and at the same time look for people who share the same feelings with me.”

What is your relationship like with A2Z Art Gallery and Shout Gallery?

“I have worked with A2Z art gallery for quite some years now. They have always been a good supporter for my canvas art and recently they are exhibiting my illustration prints too in Paris.”

“Shout Gallery is a new partnership. It is a younger gallery, and the audience is quite different. I will hold an exhibition with them in October I believe. Our relationship is more experimental. My relationship with A2Z is more deep-rooted.”

What future projects are you working on now? Are you involved in any NFT (non-fungible token) projects?

“I am working on a few mural projects; however, I cannot name them yet. Oh, and I just launched my own series of Casetify phone cases so that was quite fun.”

“Yes, I am working on my own NFT project. It is a series of 12 one-on-one NFT animated gifs. I am rolling them out on You can check them out here!”

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