Christmas 2023: Last-Minute Gifts for Homebodies & Kids

Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Homebodies & Kids

As the festive season approaches, finding the perfect Christmas gift for families can be a delightful yet daunting task. If you’ve already scoured through all the Christmas markets to no avail, having exhausted your creativity getting a last-minute present for your special someone, there’s no need to stress out over the gift exchange to come at Christmas dinner! Here's a curated list of gift ideas by The Beat Asia that are sure to be appreciated by families with little ones, and trendy homebodies.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Families and Kids

Dragons of Hong Kong 3-in-1 Puzzle from Lion Rock Press

Christmas 2023 Gift Ideas for Families HK

Kids can discover a world of adventure with The Lion Rock Press's 3-in-1 puzzle set, specially crafted for the youngin’s to explore the vibrant culture of Hong Kong. This delightful set features three distinct puzzles, each showcasing unique elements both real and mythical.

With three different pictures made up of varying difficulty levels in pieces, children can explore iconic Hong Kong landmarks and symbols at their own pace and capacity. The 24-piece puzzle offers a taste of famous Hong Kong cuisine, and the 36-piece puzzle celebrates the city's colourful festivals, while the 48-piece puzzle shows the significance of the sea and Victoria Harbour.

Where to shop: Lion Rock Press

Organic Soft Toy and Mini Me and Family Collection From MiliMilu

Christmas 2023 Gift Ideas for Families HK

Embrace the festive spirit with MiliMilu’s expanded kids and family collections, back by popular demand following its sell-out success in the previous year. Cozy up in plush velvet dresses, cream-striped party shirts and warm merino wool accessories that match with your little ones.

Christmas 2023 Gift Ideas for Families HK

From Seylan flowers, to tulips, or animal-themed garments with playful patterns featuring Dachshunds, birds, and unicorns – these garments will capture their hearts and be long time favourites for the winter season. Fill their Christmas stockings with eco-friendly traditional plush toys, handcrafted with organic cotton and filled with fruit seeds that can be removed and heated or cooled down.

Where to shop: MiliMilu

The Mini Baby Alpaca from ÄYA Alpaca

Christmas 2023 Gift Ideas for Families HK

Introduce your animal-loving child to the delightful Mini Baby Alpaca—a custom-coloured toy made from genuine baby alpaca hair. Not only does this soft and cuddly companion provide endless tactile enjoyment, but it also promotes ethical practices in its production. By welcoming the Mini Baby Alpaca into your home, you open the door to teaching your kids about the fascinating and lesser-known creatures that inhabit our planet.

Handcrafted with care in Cusco by ÄYA Alpaca, these toys are expertly made using real baby alpaca hair known for its extraordinary softness. Each toy showcases the natural, undyed colours of the alpaca fibre, allowing its inherent beauty to shine through. With distinctive features, varying faces, colours, lengths, and textures of the hair, every toy is truly one-of-a-kind, enhancing its individual charm.

Where to shop: ÄYA Alpaca

Hong Kong Playmat from Milk it Baby

Christmas 2023 Gift Ideas for Families HK

The perfect addition to your living room or nursery, the Milk It Baby Hong Kong Play Mat is designed to offer sensory play that helps familiarize your little one with the city we call home. It's an engaging way for your child to learn about the world's most dynamic city, featuring iconic Hong Kong landmarks like the Tian Tan Big Buddha, Ocean Park, and even the Star Ferry.

Safety is paramount, and this mat delivers. Made from 100% sustainable, non-toxic TPU Foam, it's free from PVC, BPA, and latex, ensuring a safe environment for your little explorer. It's cushioned and thickly padded, ideal for play, learning, and even those first steps. For storage, it rolls up easily with included Velcro straps.

Where to shop: Milk it Baby

Christmas Gift Ideas: Home Accessories

Ichendorf Collection from Kapok

Christmas 2023 Gift Ideas for Families HK

Discover the enchanting collections from Ichendorf, including the Woodland Tales and sweets and candy series, designed to infuse your kitchen pantry with a delightful sense of childlike wonder and colour. Mix and match these whimsical and distinctive pieces to create an ambiance of joy and playfulness in your home.

With its roots tracing back to the early twentieth century in Quadrath-Ichendorf, a small town near Cologne, Ichendorf has a rich history of master-glaziers crafting exquisite objects using a blend of substances, including silica, to cater to the refined taste of that era.

Where to shop: Kapok

White Calendar Flip Clock from Twemco

Christmas 2023 Gift Ideas for Families HK

A homegrown, Hong Kong-made brand that offers a piece of history, Twemco clocks blend retro charm and modern functionality. The pioneering manufacturer of these automated flip clocks, this locally made brand prioritises quality, sleek design, and functionality.

Available in white, beige, yellow, and red, their QD-35 model makes the perfect addition to any home. Just imagine the satisfying "flip" sound as each minute passes, a gentle reminder of time's steady flow. The clock features a long-life mechanism housed in a sleek ABS plastic case, combining durability with style. The body also shows a perpetual calendar, drumming up excitement for the good times to come in 2024.

Where to shop: Twemco

Zuny Bookend from HOMELESS

Christmas 2023 Gift Ideas for Families HK

The Zuny bookend is not only cute but also the ideal size and weight to support a stack of hefty books. Its classic, minimal, and whimsical design makes it a versatile choice for both home decor and children's rooms.

Upholding its commitment to animal welfare, Zuny crafts each bookend using microfiber and polyester, ensuring no harm is caused to animals. With a wide range of minimalist-styled animals to choose from, these pieces are built to last, and maintenance is simple—just use a damp microfiber cloth to dust them when necessary. Enjoy the functionality and charm of Zuny bookends while embracing their cruelty-free ethos.

Where to shop: HOMELESS

Le Spritz Glass from Maison Balzac

Christmas 2023 Gift Ideas for Families HK

Raise your glasses and celebrate the season with the exquisite Le Spritz Glass from Maison Balzac! This masterpiece of hand-blown craftsmanship will make for a trusted drinking buddy that enhances any refreshment, celebration, or meal. The highlight? An orange wedge, intricately incorporated into the glass design, ensuring every sip feels like a sun-kissed escape amidst the – let's face it – perpetual Hong Kong summer. (Even in December!)

Crafted from 100% Borosilicate glass, renowned for its durability and clarity, this glass is a fusion of elegance and resilience. Its generous size promises a substantial pour, and while robust enough to withstand the dishwasher, it’s recommended cleaning it by gently hand washing with a soft bristle brush.

Where to shop: Kapok

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