Lee Gardens Skateboard Festival Returns on November 26-27


Lee Gardens Skateboard Fest Returns for Second Year in Late November

The Lee Garden Skateboard Fest 2022, Hong Kong’s signature festival for the skateboarding community, is back for its second year. It will take place from Nov. 26-27 at 11 AM to 6 PM for a weekend of street skating, competitions, classes, workshops, and pop-ups.

Taking place on the last weekend of November at the driveway of Lee Garden One and Pak Sha Road, the festival is in collaboration with All Hong Kong Skateboards Association (AHKSA) and non-profit charity KELY Support Group.

On the festival’s first day, Pak Sha Road will see itself packed with obstacles and ramps for a competition pitting 16 skaters against each other. They willcompete for the “Highest Ollie”, “Ramp to Best Trick”, and “Best Skate Line Contest”.

In the afternoon of the second day, 12 young budding skateboarders will show off their tricks, competing for “Speed Track,” “Best Skate Line Contest,” “Flat Bar Slide Game,” and “Longest Ollie Game”.

Experiential classes hosted by the AHKSA will allow visitors to get a taste of skateboarding with assistance from instructors. Proceeds from the courses going to the development of local youth with KELY Support Group.

Beyond skateboarding, the Lee Gardens Skateboard Fest will see street dance and freestyle football demonstrations, fingerboard, T-shirt making, and skateboard design workshops. There will also bepop-ups from skateboard retailer 8FVIE2, fingerboard prop studio Guaiguaichai Workshop, apparel brand HUF, and an exclusive food truck hosted by Cookie DPT to feed visitors and participants.  

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