2023 Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong: The Ultimate Guide
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2023 Affordable Art Fair Guide: What to Check Out and Top Gallery Picks

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The Affordable Art Fair is celebrating its 10th anniversary in Hong Kong this year, with a wide array of exciting exhibitions and programs to showcase local and international contemporary art with an attainable price tag. This May, visitors will have the opportunity to appreciate collections from 93 local and international galleries, connect with a community of art lovers, and participate in interactive workshops at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

When: May. 18 - 21

Where: Hall 1E, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

How much: Buy tickets here, Starting from HK$140 


What to Check Out


Rick Lo’s Good Old Kai Tak

2023 Affordable Art Fair Guide: What to Check Out and Top Gallery Picks
Hong Kong Arts Collective/ Good Old Kai Tak, Rick Lo

One of the standout pieces of this year’s fair is Rick Lo’sGood Old Kai Tak, which was chosen as the featured artwork. Hong Kong-based artist Rick Lo creates paintings and installations that reflect the rich culture of the city. The Good Old Kai Tak piece is especially significant, as the airport holds a special place in his childhood memories and many Hong Kong people.

“The piece is for those people who have flown away, those who have flown back and those who are about to fly away” says Lo.

He will also bring his artwork to life through a series of vertical wall panel sets, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in his artwork in 3D.


The Things We Leave Behind by Susana Sanromán

2023 Affordable Art Fair Guide: What to Check Out and Top Gallery Picks
The Things We Leave Behind, Susana Sanroman

‘The Things We Leave Behind’ is a 15-minute environmental performance created by Spanish visual artist Susana Sanromán that reflects on the human footprint on our environment. During the performance, Sanroman uses the “mummy” as an anonymous signifier to imply that human presence is reason of environmental pollution, the mummy would be eventually covered by waste and become a metamorphic model. Sanromán highlights the impact of waste resulting from the continuous production of goods in our societies.

When: May 18 12 PM, 6 PM;

May 19 6 PM

May 20 4 PM 


A Slice of Hong Kong by Eleanor McColl

2023 Affordable Art Fair Guide: What to Check Out and Top Gallery Picks
A Slice of Hong Kong, Eleanor McColl

Eleanor McColl, a veteran artist at the Affordable Art Fair, will be live painting a life-size wooden letterbox in front of the crowd for her installation, ‘A Slice of Hong Kong. Eleanor’s installation celebrates Hong Kong’s connection with the rest of the world by painting iconic symbols such as the White Rabbit Candy and Vita Lemon Tea on the installation. Visitors will be invited to participate by designing their own postcards and posting them to the giant letterbox. 


Top Gallery Picks


Oi Ling Antiques

2023 Affordable Art Fair Guide: What to Check Out and Top Gallery Picks
Insider TV/ Oi Ling Chiang

For art enthusiasts who value the peace of mind that art can bring, Oi Ling Antiques is the must-visit gallery. The gallery specializes in high-end Chinese antiques such as furniture, pottery, stone pieces and paintings.  The carefully curated pieces displayed reflect the rich cultural heritage of China and are sure to captivate anyone passionate in art with history.


Rainze Gallery

2023 Affordable Art Fair Guide: What to Check Out and Top Gallery Picks
Rainze Gallery/ Day is Done 3, Rainbow Tse

Step into Rainze Gallery and explore the rich and diverse world of watercolor paintings with a range of luminous colors, delicate washes and fluid brushstrokes. Established in 2016, the gallery is taking their watercolor artworks to the fair this year to welcome international and local watercolor lovers to enjoy and appreciate the works from locally and internationally recognized artists.



2023 Affordable Art Fair Guide: What to Check Out and Top Gallery Picks
Ztoryteller/ People I met in Kyoto, PATPATKATE

If you want a pop-art experience, ZtoryTeller is the right place for you. The blockchain-based gallery in Hong Kong connects artists all over the world to turn stories into collectable artworks. The gallery is famous for painting animations for music videos of local singers Terence Lam and Kay Tse.


The Affordable Art Fair continues to provide an accessible and affordable fair to community art lovers, check out more details here.

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