Art Basel & Hong Kong Arts Month 2024: All You Need to Know
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Art Basel, HKIFF, Art Central & More: All About Hong Kong Arts Month 2024

Art Basel HKIFF Art Central More All About Hong Kong Arts Month 2024 Photo by Art Basel 2023

March in Hong Kong is synonymous with a vibrant celebration of the arts, transforming the city into a dynamic canvas where global and local art scenes converge. The month is packed with high-profile events that cater to a wide range of artistic tastes, from groundbreaking visual arts of a global calibre at Art Basel and Art Central, to captivating performances blending traditions with the new at the Hong Kong Arts Festival, and street art that weaves its way through the city by way of HKWALLS’ annual festival - the city offers endless opportunities to engage with art in all its forms.

Whether you're an art aficionado or a casual observer, Hong Kong Art Month is a compelling invitation to explore the vibrant world of contemporary and traditional arts! Check out our list and see the best events to check out during art week and art month in Hong Kong this year.

M+ at Night: Hong Kong Street Culture - March 1

Curated by Hong Kong party legend Arthur Bray, this unique event promises an immersive blend of art, music, dance, and dialogue, showcasing a rich tapestry of eclectic talents. The lineup includes electronic vibes from Canto, post-punk energy of NYPD, and vibrant sets by Yeti Out's own Tom and Arthur Bray, alongside Subez, Fergus, and JerryHaha. Adding to the mix, N.O.L.Y will deliver captivating live rap performances. Dance battles will come to life with B-Boy ET and BOMS, while "Lousy's Playground" offers interactive art by the elusive LOUSY alongside Igor Chan Chun Hin’s live tattoo-inspired collages.

The evening also features a thought-provoking panel on “Street Culture’s Role in Visual Arts” led by Sunny Cheung, with insights from industry pioneers. "Yeti Out and Friends" promises a dynamic 'Night at the Museum,' celebrating the fusion of street culture with the arts, making it an unmissable event for enthusiasts of music, dance, and visual creativity.

Hong Kong Arts Festival (HKAF) 2024 – Feb. 22 to March 22

The 52nd Hong Kong Arts Festival (HKAF) is gearing up to unfold a mesmerizing spectacle of artistic brilliance, marking a grand celebration of both international and local talents. With a lineup of more than 1,400 artists and over 150 performances across 45 varied programmes, this festival promises a cultural feast unparalleled in scope and diversity.

The HKAF hosts a vibrant mosaic of experiences, featuring everything from avant-garde orchestras and globally renowned music acts to family concerts and mesmerizing acapella. Dance aficionados can look forward to a diverse array of presentations like top-tier ballet, a flamenco legend, and fresh takes on traditional Thai khon. Theatre enthusiasts will be captivated by a spectrum of offerings, from innovative Shakespearean interpretations to cutting-edge contemporary plays.

stART Up Community Arts Project - March. 5 to 17

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant: stART Up Community Arts Project champions the idea that art is a universal language, fostering inclusivity by bringing together individuals of all ages, cultures, and abilities. Hosted at D-Park, the project presents a free exhibition showcasing the collaborative works of mixed-ability participants, including over 700 teenagers, local artists, and organizations serving people with disabilities. This vibrant display illustrates the community's creativity and collective effort.

Enhancing the exhibition, "Experience Tactile Art" on the second and third weekends in March offers visitors a unique blindfold challenge, providing insight into the experiences of visually impaired artists. This interactive experience invites the public to explore art from a new perspective, emphasizing understanding and appreciation for differently-abled creators. Join this celebration of diverse talents and witness how art transcends boundaries to unite communities.

Phillips Hong Kong Presents: New Now - March 20 to 29

Phillips announces the New Now auction and accompanying exhibition in Hong Kong, blending emerging talents with celebrated artists. This vibrant auction, set for March 29 at 2PM, features a selection of contemporary artworks from icons like Takashi Murakami, Chiharu Shiota, and KAWS, alongside rising stars such as Oh de Laval and Kasing Lung. An exhibition showcasing the auction's highlights is open to the public from March 20 to March 29 at Phillips’ Asia headquarters, coinciding with Hong Kong’s Art Week. This event promises collectors a unique opportunity to discover and acquire pieces from leading and up-and-coming figures in the art world, making it a pivotal moment for art aficionados and collectors. Don't miss this chance to explore the convergence of the established and the new in contemporary art.

HKWALLS 2024 – March 23 to 31

Dive into the heart of urban creativity with the 9th edition of the HKWALLS Street Art Festival, a vibrant celebration that turns the bustling streets of Hong Kong into a sprawling canvas of artistic expression. This year, the festival is set to adorn the city with an eclectic mix of murals, site-specific artworks, and captivating digital screen displays, showcasing the dynamism of street art.

The 2024 HKWALLS artist lineup features artists from all over the globe, including Hera from Germany, Rabi from the USA, Maye from France, Jaune from Belgium, Michal Skapa from the Czech Republic, Aches from Ireland, and Alice Pasquini from Italy. Beyond transforming walls into mesmerizing visuals, the festival enriches the community with interactive workshops, vibrant parties, a digitized LuminArt Façade in Tsim Sha Tsui, and an exclusive exhibition.

Art Central 2024 – March 27 to 31

Art Central returns to the Central Harbourfront, marking a highlight of Hong Kong Art Month with its trailblazing showcase. Known for its innovative edge, this premier art fair acts as a bridge connecting the rising stars of Asia's art scene with esteemed luminaries of the global art community. The venue is an architectural gem crafted specifically for the event at a strategic location that is easily within reach of Art Basel, M+, and the Palace Museum.

Pushing the boundaries of contemporary art, this year’s Art Central will host over 90 galleries, and will introduce "NEO," a novel sector dedicated to showcasing first-time exhibitors and artists. Alongside the exceptional presentations, attendees can look forward to a program featuring insightful talks, large-scale installations, the much-loved dining terrace, and the Night Central event scheduled for March 28.

Art Basel Hong Kong 2024 – March 28 to 30

Art Basel Hong Kong 2024 is set to feature 242 of the foremost international galleries from across 40 countries and territories. This edition is particularly noteworthy for its inclusion of 65 new exhibitors, enriching the diversity and depth of the presentation.

The fair stands as a testament to the enduring appeal and importance of 20th-century masters, while also spotlighting established and emerging contemporary artists. With heavyweights such as Galerie Lelong & Co., Lisson Gallery, and Matthew Marks Gallery leading the charge. This reunion is further energized by the entrance of notable newcomers like Station and Tim Van Laere Gallery, among others, promising fresh perspectives, and vibrant programs.

Hong Kong International Film Festival 2024 – March 28 to April 8

The 48th Hong Kong International Film Festival Society (HKIFF) proudly steps into the spotlight, announcing an edition that promises to be a landmark celebration of cinematic artistry. This year, the festival pays homage to the groundbreaking work of ‘Filmmaker-in-Focus’ Fruit Chan, screening 10 of his most influential films, and providing audiences with a rare opportunity to delve into the oeuvre of one of Hong Kong's most distinctive directors with a face-to-face session.

Adding to the festival's allure, HKIFF48 will present six beautifully restored contemporary classics from some of the most revered giants of Chinese cinema, including Zhang Yimou, Tsui Hark, and Tsai Ming-Liang. With the charismatic Karena Lam as the festival's ambassador, HKIFF48 is set to captivate audiences with its unparalleled cinematic journey. As anticipation builds, stay tuned as the full programme is revealed in early March.

Art Month at Eaton HK - March. 26 to April. 28

During Hong Kong Art Month this March, Eaton HK emerges as Kowloon's top art destination with its diverse program. Beginning with the "After Human: Marks of the Beasts" exhibition, running from March. 26 to April. 28 at the hospitality space's in-house gallery, Tomorrow Maybe, delves into the impact of humans on animals through storytelling, featuring video, installation, and performance art. There will also be an opening party that includes a meet and greet with artists Zoe Marden (UK/HK), Sonia Wong (HK), and Joy Li (CN/US), alongside performances that explore this theme.

Additionally, Korean artist Sungsil Ryu showcases video artworks critiquing materialistic desires through fictional narratives, complemented by a talk with curator Joseph Chen. Eaton HK also hosts engaging events like a lecture performance series and discussions on contemporary art and meme culture, culminating in a closing night that features a music and somatic performance by Mui Hoi Ying with local artists, exploring spirituality and geology. This rich lineup invites attendees to immerse themselves in thoughtful dialogues and creative expressions, marking a significant contribution to the art landscape in Hong Kong.

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