Harbour Chill Carnival Hosts Great Music this Jul in Wanchai

Harbour Chill Carnival Hosts Great Summer Music in Wan Chai this Jul, Aug.

Get ready to enjoy a summer full of entertainment at the Harbour Chill Carnival. From July 8 till Aug. 6 for five weekends, the Wan Chai Harborfront will come alive with live music shows, street performances, X-Games performances, and pyrotechnic displays. Admission is free, and there will be plenty of food and drinks to keep you refreshed.

Experience electrifying performances by singers and musicians from Asia at the Carnival’s music shows. The unique water stage, set against the picturesque Victoria Harbour, will be the perfect backdrop for the performances. Whether you are a fan of Cantopop, Indie, or DJ sets, there’s something for everyone at the shows.

Hold tight and get ready for some of the most thrilling extreme sports in action. From daring skateboard stunts to gravity-defying BMX tricks and amazing street dance performances, these adrenaline-fuelled acts by fearless X-Games athletes will leave you on the edge of your seat, heart racing, and palms sweating.

This summer, the Wan Chai waterfront promenade will host talented artists from around the world, presenting a series of street performances. From European-style acrobatics and circus performances to traditional kung fu and diabolo performances, there’s something for everyone. 

Harbour Chill Carnival Hosts Great Music this Summer in Wan Chai

Event schedule for music shows at Harbour Chill Carnival

Asia Power - Free tickets available from June 27, 10 AM

  • July 8 Session 1 (6:30–7:30 PM) Kelly Chen, Lolly Talk, Nowhere Boys
  • July 8 Session 2 (8:45–9:45 PM) Jason Chan, Hush
  • July 9 Session 1 (6:30–7:30 PM) Otome Syndream, TAOYUANXVDIAN
  • July 9 Session 2 (8:45–9:45 PM) Jay Fung, Cosmos People

Fresh Finds

  • July 15 Session 1 (6:30–7:30 PM) Anonymous Affair, Queena Cui
  • July 15 Session 2 (8:45–9:45 PM) Wondergarl, PAPUN BAND
  • July 16 Session 1 (6:30–7:30 PM) Gordon Flanders, Ng Lam Fung
  • July 16 Session 2 (8:45–9:45 PM) Mue, Priscilla Abby

Indie Rocks - Free tickets from July 17, 10am

  • July 22 Session 1 (6:30–7:30 PM) Chonotenki, Project Ace
  • July 22 Session 2 (8:45–9:45 PM) per se, YELLOW
  • July 23 Session 1 (6:30–7:30 PM) Little Ash, Charming Way
  • July 23 Session 2 (8:45–9:45 PM) The Sulis Club, Tizzy Bac

Cantopop Hits

  • July 29 Session 1 (6:30–7:30 PM) Kandy, Oscar Tao
  • July 29 Session 2 (8:45–9:45 PM) Jocelyn Chan, Ivana Wong
  • July 30 Session 1 (6:30–7:30 PM) Kira Chan, JNYBeatz
  • July 30 Session 2 (8:45–9:45 PM) On Chan, Endy Chow

DJ Nights

  • Aug 5 Session 1 (6:30–7:30 PM) DJ Jaxi, DJ Jo.D
  • Aug 5 Session 2 (8:45–9:45 PM) TYTAN, Reddy
  • Aug 6 Session 1 (6:30–7:30 PM) DJ NELNUMTZ, DJ Darka
  • Aug 6 Session 2 (8:45–9:45 PM) Karencici x 77Ke, Tyson Yoshi

When: 6 to 11 PM, July 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, 30 / Aug. 5, 6

Where: Water Sports and Recreation Precinct, HarbourChill & Wan Chai Temporary Promenade, Wan Chai

How much: Free

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