2023 Ocean Park Halloween Fest Opens From Sept 15 to Oct 31


Ocean Park Halloween Fest Opens for Scary Fun on Sept. 15 till End of Oct.

The gates to a ghastly school of spirits are thrown wide open this Halloween, as Ocean Park’s Halloween Fest returns, inviting thrill-seekers to board the screaming school bus to scare themselves silly from Sept. 15 to Oct. 31.

Prepare for a whole new scary experience at Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2023. Venture into the Spirit Boarding School and tread the eerie pathways of Bad Dues to be welcomed by ghostly giggles and chilling whispers, evidence of a once-vibrant school life now overtaken by spirits at Ocean Park.

Before you can process the haunting scenes around, you will find yourself pulled into the Netherworld. This shadow realm, watched over by innumerable creepy eyeballs, will test even the bravest of souls.

But fear not! A brief respite awaits in the form of a Trick or Treat Party. Gather your wits (and some candy) before you’re plunged into the dark experiments of the 180 Laboratory, a place that promises nothing but chilling discoveries.

Escaping through the Demon Grove might seem like a good idea until one realizes that legends of old are lurking just out of sight. The next stop? An abandoned film lot, eerily silent except for ghostly recitations from the unreleased movie, The House of Wraith Puppet II.

How can I buy tickets for Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2023?

For those daring enough, you can purchase a Halloween Terror Trio Ticket, priced at HK$280, which grants access to three designated horrifying experiences: Bad Dues, 180 Laboratory, and Netherworld.

The Halloween Haunted Trio Ticket, also priced at HK$280, will allow you access to three Halloween experiences of Spiriting Boarding School, Demon Grove, and The House of Wraith Puppet II.

When: Sept. 15 to Oct. 15

Where: Ocean Park Hong Kong, 180 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong

How much: Buy tickets, HK$280

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