Discover the Exquisite Illuminata Collection in Hong Kong

Unveiling the Illuminata Jewellery Collection in Hong Kong this Nov.

Step into a world of beauty and elegance with the much-anticipated exhibition, “An Eye for Beauty, the Illuminata Jewellery Collection,” Presented by L’ECOLE Asia Pacific, School of Jewellery Arts. This extraordinary showcase takes visitors on a mesmerizing journey through the passion and discerning eye of a pioneering lady from Hong Kong.

Featuring approximately 50 exceptional pieces, this exhibition represents a captivating dialogue between Western and Eastern aesthetics. Carefully selected from the private collection of an esteemed connoisseur, the jewellery masterpieces reveal the timeless notions of versatility and transformability across 500 years of art history. Prepare to be captivated by the seamless fusion of East and West, as the exhibition beautifully celebrates the vibrant confluence of cultures in Hong Kong.

Divided into three chapters, the exhibition offers a unique glimpse into the collector’s inspiring journey. The first chapter showcases exquisite examples of Ming-era furniture, highlighting the collector’s refined taste and love for craftsmanship, Discover the harmonious blend of elegance and artistry as rare pieces from the late Ming Dynasty are unveiled.

The heart of the exhibition unveils a treasure trove of Western jewellery spanning from the 18th to the 21 centuries. Impeccably crafted pieces from different eras, including the Baroque, Victoria Velle Epoque, and Edwardian periods, showcase the enduring legacies of women and their intimate connection to jewellery. Contemporary designs by renowned artists further emphasize the symbiotic relationship between jewellery and personal style.

The exhibition’s final section offers a glimpse into the opulence of the Qing dynasty, with court jewels worn by noble ladies. These pieces, adorned with jade, silk threats, and beads, provide a fascinating insight into the heritage and evolution of Chinese jewellery across generations.

Curated by Nicolas Luchsinger, President of Van Cleef & Arpels Asia Pacific, and with valuable contributions from esteemed experts, the exhibition invites visitors to delve into the interconnected aspects of beauty, jewellery, and transformability.

The exhibition also offers free admission and guided tours available in multiple languages. Click here for more information.

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