Meet the Real-life Crazy Rich Asians and See How They Live
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Meet the Real-life Crazy Rich Asians and See How They Live

People born with a silver spoon or those who are super-rich make up 1% of society and their bloodlines trace back from their wealthy ancestors. This is how elites get a nod from other wealthy families.

If you're familiar with the film adaptation of Kevin Kwan’s book, Crazy Rich Asians, it has become a worldwide phenomenal hit because of its actual representation of Asians’ interesting wealthy lifestyle.

The story is based on the author’s real-life experiences with the elites from Singapore. Many of us might have envisioned this movie as our dream lifestyle where opportunity and money are always abundant.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the world of real-life crazy rich Asians and their extraordinary choices in life.

The Extravagant Lifestyle of Real-life Crazy Rich Asians

1. Owners of Luxury Yachts and Helicopters

They have their own private jet, superyachts, sport boats, and helicopters. Considering their net worth, they can even buy any of these instantly. Super rich people use their yacht or private jet to visit luxury destinations and invite people within their wealthy peer group.

2. Lavish Home Renovation

Aside from their ability to purchase a mansion, elites also have an extravagant way to renovate their homes. While people who are outside the upper class would have to follow a budget plan before fixing the property, the ultra-rich can turn mansions into grand stately homes and even add a new master suite, larger basement, or a new gym worth hundreds of millions of dollars on a whim.

modern home crazy rich asians

3. Shopping in Paris Haute Couture

    Known as the shopping capital in the world, Paris is filled with haute couture and luxury outlets. The wardrobe of these people is probably worth the annual salary of the middle classes, nonetheless, they still appreciate discounts and special deals.

    Moreover, it became an integral part of their lifestyle to wear clothes that are not too flashy but classy at the same time. They also have the opportunity to get an exclusive appointment at high-end stores to shop alone.

    chanel paper bags

    4. Keeps a Close Circle

      Just like what was shown in the movie Crazy Rich Asians, Nick Young’s family doesn’t like Rachel Chu’s background because they are concerned about what society will think and the family’s legacy. In this contemporary time, people from wealthy clans follow this practice for they believe that a lot of people will try to take advantage of them.

      5. Spends Millions on Weddings

        Rich people are willing to spend millions (or even billions) when tying the knot. It includes exclusive destinations in Europe or abroad and receptions that fit their social status.

        Some of the most lavish wedding celebrations are those of royal couples Lady Diana and Prince Charles and Kate Middleton and Prince William, reality star Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West.

        6. Buy Designer Jewelry Brands

          Fine jewelry can be an alternative asset to replace your cash. For the rich people, they have the privilege to purchase exclusive and the most sought-after items from famous jewelers, kept especially for them.

          It is also part of their lifestyle to attend live auctions to acquire paintings and precious jewels. Other millionaires prefer auctions as a place to sell their properties like yachts, luxury cars, and antique pieces.

          chanel perfume and jewelry crazy rich asians

          List of Real-life Crazy Rich Asians

          Arissa Cheo

          A fashion designer and socialite from Singapore who has established her own fashion label. She is also the ex-wife of Taiwanese actor and singer Vanness Wu.

          Dorothy Wang

          The heiress of Chinese real estate tycoon Roger Wang. She is an American actress who rose to fame after appearing in a reality TV show for the rich in 2014.

          Heart Evangelista

          Chinese-Filipino actress based in the Philippines who came from a wealthy and influential family of Ongpaucos. She is famous for her hand-painted Hermès Birkin Bags.

          Jamie Chua

          Dubbed as the “Queen of Instagram” in Singapore, she owns a collection of Hermès bags worth $2 million.

          Kane Lim

          He is a Singaporean millionaire at the age of 20. The designer and socialite belong to a very private family who runs a real estate and shipping business.

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