Dive Into the World of Watchmaking With Amplitude Hong Kong
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Dive Into the World of Watchmaking With Amplitude Hong Kong’s Masterclasses

Watchmaking Classes in Hong Kong 2

One of the rare human inventions that transcends time itself, a watch perfectly encapsulates what it means to be so small yet so intricate in its inner workings. This complexity is why luxury timepieces can feel as though it is a haven for enthusiasts or an impenetrable world for those who don’t speak the language.

This market is also what homegrown watch expert and retailer Amplitude Hong Kong is poised to break into. Launching on Sept. 18, the Sheung Wan-based company is where both watch aficionados and beginners can appreciate the precision craftsmanship and artistry that go behind every gear and spring of a timepiece.

While it is a new name in Hong Kong’s horology scene, Amplitude carries more than two and half decades of solid experience in watchmaking craftsmanship through its founder, Renaud-Louis Chavanis.

Renaud Louis-Chavanis Watchmaking Classes in Hong Kong
Amplitude's Renaud Louis-Chavanis

Having spent 18 years with Rolex (including 13 based in Hong Kong), Renaud finally found the perfect timing to capitalise on his watchmaking prowess and pass his industry knowledge on to others through this exciting venture. He envisions Amplitude as a three-in-one concept store that covers everything—from finding the perfect timepiece and maintaining it to knowing the meticulous process behind watchmaking.

Watch Repair Services and Retailer in Hong Kong

On the ground floor of its Sheung Wan store, you can find a state-of-the-art workshop where Amplitude offers professional services for watch repairs and restorations. From battery change and waterproofing to refinishing and other complications, Amplitude’s full-service offering highlights how the laborious process that goes into making a watch is just as important as the work needed to maintain it. They have also partnered with a French company to authenticate and estimate the market value of the timepieces.

Sharing the ground floor is Amplitude’s retail space, showcasing a curated collection of high-quality, brand-new and pre-loved watches, as well as accessories. Here, Renaud himself will help you find the perfect timepiece that mirrors your personality and preference. Whether you're looking for a classic vintage watch or a unique limited edition, Amplitude will cater to your discerning taste and guide you through the collection with personalised recommendations.

Watchmaking classes in Hong Kong
Amplitude offers entry-level and intermediate watchmaking classes

Watchmaking Masterclasses in Hong Kong

As a culmination of his career, Renaud will share his horological mastery through a masterclass, catering to students of all levels:

  • Introduction to Watchmaking – This is a 2.5-hour class that lets you immerse yourself in the world of watchmaking. It starts with a brief history of watches and different types of movements. After this, you will be able to dismantle and reassemble parts of a manual-wind ETA 6497 Swiss Movement using a screwdriver and tweezer, as well as tinker with the different parts of a watch and learn how each of them works.
  • Intermediate Class – Designed for those who have prior experience and knowledge in watchmaking, this class builds upon your foundational skills and enhances your understanding of advanced watchmaking techniques, complications, and servicing. Here, you will learn about time-setting, the importance of oiling and greasing, and other intricate watch functions.

To ensure an immersive experience, each class is limited to only eight participants. You may also check out the one-on-one private class for a laser-focused session under the expert guidance of Renaud. Here, you will have a closer look at movement assembly, the technical know-how behind watches, and other craftsmanship insights tailored to your needs.

A pass includes refreshments, as well as a gift and a certificate to be given at the end of the class. Additionally, participants can enjoy a 10% discount voucher that they can use in-store.

Want to share the gift of experience? Amplitude also offers Masterclass Gift Vouchers that you can share with your friends. This is perfect for connoisseurs, budding watchmakers, or anyone who wants a fun and unique experience.

Amplitude will open at G/F, 64 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong on Sept. 18. To know more about their services and watchmaking masterclasses, please visit their website (coming soon) and follow them on LinkedIn. You may also reach them at 679-92-769.

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