Rick Owens' Helmets Double as Sculptural Floor Lamps


Rick Owens Unveils Helmet Collection that Double as Statement Floor Lamps

American designer Rick Owens has unveiled a collection of helmets that can also be used as sculptural floor lamps.

The hybrid-function headwear series, which was initially presented during Rick Owens' Autumn Winter 2022 menswear show titled Strobe, was showcased at the Palais de Tokyo during Paris Fashion Week this year.

The collection consists of three helmets, two of which have different light bar fixtures set into and protruding from the crown of their outer shell. Owens was inspired by the crown shapes he saw in Egyptian temples and tombs while touring Egypt shortly before.

Constructed from aluminium and fibreglass, the helmets have a rounded head that extends to cover the upper parts of the wearer's chest and back. The extended shell of the helmet also doubles as a freestanding floor lamp, with the helmet's shell acting as its legs.

The first lamp is called Amun and comes only in black. It features a two-pronged light fixture that is set within a trapezoid-shaped frame. The other helmet, named Hedjet, is produced in both black and white and has a single light-bar fixture that protrudes out of the shell.

The helmets are powered by sockets and can be worn with the protruding lights either on or off.

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