Young Soy Gallery Launches Peter Yuill's "Echoes" Exhibition
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Young Soy Gallery Launches Peter Yuill's Solo Exhibition "Echoes" Exploring Energies in the Geometrical Form

Young Soy Gallery Launches Peter Yuills Solo Exhibition 22 Echoes22 Exploring Energies in the Geometrical Form

Hong Kong’s hottest art group are back in town and flashing their latest joint-project with the launch of Hong Kong-based Peter Yuill’s solo exhibition titled “Echoes,” set for opening on Nov. 17 and showing through to Dec. 5.

Exhibiting at Kong Art Space in SoHo, Yuill’s is to present his new body of work channelling a manifold of scientific, existential, and spiritual energies manifested within a series of optically beautiful geometrical forms, made using pen and paper.

Originally from Canada, Yuill derives emotion and spiritual energy from the act of meticulously hand drawing each circular form that are reminiscent of wavelengths. “Where lines intersect is where the magic happens,” says Yuill.

Echoes is set to open 7PM on Nov. 17th with light refreshments at Kong Art Space on Staunton Road in SoHo.  

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