Declutter Your Mind in These 10 Minimalist KL Cafés
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10 Minimalist KL Cafés to Refresh Your Spirit (and Tummy)

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Brunch cafés in Kuala Lumpur have a richness that you won’t run out of options even after trying a new place. More than that, though, Malaysian cuisine is just so good as brunch. One nasi lemak fusion hits the spot so good that you’re going to forget about breakfast and lunch.

But, brunch isn’t brunch if you didn’t have an overwhelming amount of choice. Luckily, KL brunch cafés are more than happy to cater to the most discerning customer. From coffees to croissants, there’s a spot for every brunch-er in the city.

Here's what The Beat Asia thinks is worth the journey in and around KL.

Niko Neko Matcha

If there is any place in Bangsar that is devoid of anything loud, it has got to be Niko Neko Matcha. This almost all-white café looks and feels clean. The lack of caffeinated options may be a dealbreaker to most, but not here. It even contributes to the quiet, low-stress vibe because without caffeine, the levels of the place remain relaxed and downbeat. Perfect for a slow Sunday.

Location: Niko Neko Matcha, 82A, Lrg Maarof, Bangsar

Three Years Old

It is very common for minimalist cafés to cater to millennials and Gen Z-ers, considering that the owners of these establishments are millennials and Gen Z-ers. Three Years Old goes opposite that. The vibe here is kid-friendly, there is plenty of group seatings, and the café itself is like a house. It is definitely inviting, especially once you smell the freshly baked pastries.

Location: Three Years Old, 1 Jalan Sin Chew Kee, Bukit Bintang


Take advantage of the vibes at Feeling+. If you did not have the best start to your day or it ended on a low note, the murals and messages at this café is a tonic. While you are at it, have a pick-me-up too, maybe a coffee or a nice rice meal.

Location: Feeling+, A-1-01, 5th Place, The Five Block A, Kompleks Pejabat Damansara

Baker Next Door

There is nothing better to pair with a nice café than sumptuous pastries. This is what Baker Next Door specialises at, decadent dessert pies and all manner of freshly baked breads that will sort your spirit out. Their pastries deserve a second mention because they are beautiful to look at and even better to eat.

Location: Baker Next Door, Lot FF-30, 1st Floor, 5, Persiaran Residen, Desa Parkcity

A Place Where

Sometimes, minimalism is one among the many qualities of a café. A Place Where, APW, is not afraid to put a little more colour in their version of clean looks. This is somewhere people are meant to congregate, talk, and probably, celebrate. APW has also hosted a few exhibitions and commercial partnerships, so do not be surprised if you walk into an event here.

Location: A Place Where, 29, Jalan Riong, Bangsar


There are some cafés that cannot help but be beautiful. That is what Burrow is to its frequent customers. The place, as well as the food, is something to behold. And sometimes, all you need to do to recharge is be among beautiful things (and people). If you decide to drop by, you have to try their croquembouche.

Location: Burrow, LOT GK12, Ground Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre

Bu Tian

Bu Tian did not allow dine-in service for much of the pandemic, but now that they are open for business again, better put this in your must-visit place for 2023. Their pastries are their special treat, so whenever you have something to celebrate or commiserate, this is the place to go. Something about a slice of Bu Tian’s tiramisu or strawberry shortcake can correct any mistake.

Location: Bu Tian, 16-1, Jalan Indrahana 1, Taman Indrahana

Kafein Roastery

As of writing, Kafein Roastery temporarily closed up shop for the Lunar New Year festivities. KL’s coffee culture taking a hit aside, you should visit this café once they are back up again. The coffee is excellent, as one could expect, and the place is damn pretty. It is almost like a studio, in fact, if not for the espresso machines going all day to serve everybody the good cup of coffee they deserve.

Location: Kafein Roastery, 176-1, Jalan Damai Raya 2, Alam Damai

One Half x ilaika

Another beautifully uncluttered café that takes pride in its coffee, One Half x ilaika is a known haunt for artists. While it is in PJ, it just had to be included in this list. The place is quietly reminiscent of small art studios, and the food are the equivalent of artworks on display. You can sit here, in a corner, chat with people or let the day pass by in peace.

Location: One Half x ilaika, 17, Jalan 20/13, Taman Paramount, 46300 Petaling Jaya


There can never be enough specialty patisserie places, in any city, period. Orito is one such place, where the obsession about good bread runs from wall to wall. Not only that, the place is designed well to be an oasis in one of the busier districts in KL. Whether you are looking for a bite-sized treat or something that you can munch on as the afternoon comes to a close, there is something here for you.

Location: Orito, Plaza Damas, B-0-5, 3, Jalan Sri Hartamas

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