Japan to Roll Out Digital Nomad Visa for Longer Stays
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You Can Now Stay in Japan for Up to 6 Months With This New Visa

Digital Nomad Visa

Hey, nomads! It’s time to pack your bags as Japan just announced that they’re releasing a new visa this March that lets you stay in the country for up to six months.

The Japan Digital Nomad Association (JDNA) recently shared on social media that Japanese Congressman Imaeda Soichiro has revealed the details of a new visa that will allow citizens from 49 countries and territories, including Malaysia, to stay in Japan for up to six months. For context, the nations included in the list are those that have a tax treaty with Japan.

This visa is similar to South Korea and Taiwan’s digital nomad visa, which lets foreigners stay for a short term while working remotely. Although there are slight differences in the policy, they offer the same idea.

Here’s the catch, though: To apply for Japan’s digital nomad visa, you must be earning at least JPY10,000,000 annually, which is around RM320,220.65 in Malaysia’s conversion rate. Besides that, the Japanese government is also requiring applicants to have private health insurance.

If you’re a freelancer or a solo entrepreneur, you must present proof of a service contract with an overseas public or private company to be eligible for the visa application.

Regarding its renewal policy, you cannot renew this visa and can only reapply for it six months after leaving Japan. You will also not be eligible to apply for a residence card or certificate, which may disqualify you from government benefits.

Need more details? Check Japan’s Immigration Services website for updates.

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