Michelin Star Chefs’ Dinner Coming to Grand Lisboa Jan. 2024
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Grand Lisboa Palace to Host Eight-hands Michelin Star Dinner in Jan. 2024

Timeless Gastronomy Macau

On Jan. 20, 2024, the Grand Pavilion within the Grand Lisboa Palace Resort Macau is set to host an unparalleled gastronomic event. Themed ‘Timeless Gastronomy’, the exclusive dinner will see four of the world's most acclaimed chefs, each holding the prestigious honour of 3 Michelin stars, converge to create a symphony of flavours.

This rare gathering in Macau, a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, is a celebration of the evolving culinary landscape and the rich diversity of the city’s offerings.

Acting as host is Chef Julien Tongourian of Robuchon au Dôme at the Grand Lisboa Macau. With 3 Michelin stars under his belt, Chef Tongourian is known for his contemporary French cuisine, blending modern flair with the legacy of past culinary masters.

From Switzerland's Memories, Chef Sven Wassmer, one of the youngest chefs to receive 3 Michelin stars, will make his much-anticipated debut in Hong Kong and Macau. Chef Wassmer is celebrated for his contemporary Alpine cuisine, marked by simplicity, and leaving a lasting impression with his unique culinary approach.

Joining them is Chef Hideaki Matsuo, a master of 'ryotei', the premium style of Japanese haute cuisine. He continues the rich family legacy of Kashiwaya Osaka Seniryama, renowned for its exceptional skills and innovative creations using local ingredients.

Completing the quartet is Chef Heinz Beck, the German-born head of La Pergola in Rome, Italy's only 3-star Michelin restaurant. Chef Beck is known for his avant-garde approach to cooking, reinterpreting Italian classics with a nutritious and light touch.

This one-night exclusive event will feature a six-course haute cuisine menu with wine pairing. Guests will experience the rich tapestry of culinary diversity, from French elegance to Swiss finesse, Japanese tranquility, and Italian flair. 'Timeless Gastronomy' promises to be a route of irresistible edible art, showcasing the perfect orchestration of a synergized symphony by these culinary masters.

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