Fusion Music Festival Postponed Due to Super Typhoon Mawar

Fusion: The Philippine Music Festival Postponed Due to Inclement Weather

Sad news for OPM fans. Fusion: The Philippine Music Festival will not push through as planned due to inclement weather. Concertgoers will have to wait for further announcements regarding the show’s rescheduled date.

Organizers said they want to prioritize everyone’s safety to provide the best experience without any worries.

“It is with regret that we announce the postponement of Fusion: The Philippine Music Festival. While we have been most excited to mount a good show with, and for all of you, we cannot ignore the threat of the coming super typhoon – the effects of which we are already beginning to experience. We cannot compromise the safety of our audience and our artists,” the press release read.

They clarified that the event is not cancelled but rather “in the process of securing the best date and time.” In line with the impending super typhoon, they encouraged everyone to prepare and pray for safety. 

Stay tuned for updates by following Fusion: The Philippine Music Festival on Facebook.

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