Unique Tours in S'pore for an Experience You'll Never Forget


Unique Tours in Singapore for an Experience You'll Never Forget

Tours are a great way for visitors to learn deeply about a country or community's heritage and history, but they aren't always just for outsiders. Locals, too, can learn a new thing or two about their own culture and nation through the different lenses that tours offer.

In Singapore, ever-curious tourists and locals alike can discover and rediscover the city-state through the numerous tours available for their picking. If you're after a unique experience, we recommend you check out these four tours in Singapore.

Chinatown Murders - Outdoor Escape Room Game Tour

This intense game tour was curated by the locals behind Tribe Tours and deserves the top spot. Chinatown Murders won the Singapore Tourism Awards Outstanding Tour Experience Award in 2021 due to its novel take on the tour.

It happens to be the first and only game tour in the city-state and is perfect for those who love solving clues and playing detective. Facilitated by tour guide and gamemaster Andros, the Chinatown Murders game tour will have participants solving puzzles around Chinatown in search of a serial killer on the run.

The game tour, which costs S$50 per person, lasts two hours and requires at least four participants.

Creepy Tales of Singapore Tour

This chilling educational tour is not for those who are easily scared but will surely garner the approval of thrill seekers and lovers of horror.

Offered by award-winning tour agency Oriental Tours, the Creepy Tales of Singapore Tour brings participants to creepy sites around the city-state where they will use ghost hunting devices and hear tales about World War II. The itinerary includes trooping to a secluded bridge, then to a coastal gun battery near a beach, and lastly, to one of the world's biggest Chinese cemeteries.

This four-hour tour includes an English-speaking guide and is held during every Friday and Sunday starting at 7:30 PM.

Disappearing Trades Tour

Another tour organised by Tribe Tours, the Disappearing Trades tour will have participants learning about the city-state during the 1950s to the 1980s. This tour won in the 2017 Singapore Tourism Awards for best tour experience in the leisure category. It's the quintessential trip down memory lane, bringing tourists to one of the oldest traditional bakeries in Singapore to learn about how traditional bread was made and why this mode of bread-baking is now a disappearing trade.

Participants will also get to visit a master of paper houses making and learn about the custom of burning paper as an offering to the departed, as well as a trip to a coffee roasting factory.

The Disappearing Trades tour, which costs S$98, is held every Tuesday and Friday, from 9 AM to 1 PM. The four-hour tour requires a minimum of four participants.

Former Supreme Court: Unseen, Unheard Tour

This exclusive back-of-the-house tour gives visitors the opportunity to experience what it's like to go into the restricted areas of Singapore's former Supreme Court. The monument is occupied by the National Gallery Singapore and is usually off limits to the public, making the tour the perfect experience for those who want to learn more about its history.

The tour will have participants enter through different hidden passageways, climb through a trapdoor, access the Viewing Gallery where the public used to stay during hearings, and hear stories of the city-state's most notable cases that were tried in the former Supreme Court's very courtrooms.

The tour, which lasts an hour and 15 minutes, is held every Saturday and Sunday. General admission tickets cost S$15 each. It's not appropriate for children below 13 years old and visitors with limited mobility; high heels are a no-no during the tour for safety reasons.

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