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Rose Breasted Grosbeak

Look Up! The Best Places to Go Bird Watching in Northern Thailand

Whether you’re new to bird watching or a pro, The Beat Asia is here to help you discover the best spots to go bird watching in Northern Thailand. Read here.
Fully Hatched Bird Paradise Makes Grand Opening in Spore

Fully Hatched! Bird Paradise Makes Grand Opening in Singapore

Bird Paradise also launched new immersive experiences to enrich the visitors’ knowledge about avian wildlife.
Species Spotlight The Rock Pigeon and Spotted Dove Header

Species Spotlight: The Rock Pigeon and Spotted Dove

The Beat Asia explores the history of feral pigeons in Hong Kong, debunks common misconceptions, and shares some fun trivia about our avian friends.

The Most Magnificent Branch Perchers at the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

The KL Bird Park in the city is one of the most unique tourist spots in this side of the world. If you do happen by, there are certain birds that you must visit and interact with.
Bird Paradise Mandai Wildlife Group

Say Hello to the New Bird Paradise and Mandai Wildlife West This May 8

Visitors may see anew the more than 3,000 birds of the closed Jurong Bird Park as the Bird Paradise soft launches on May 8, said the Mandai Wildlife Group.