Get Your Ornithology Fix at the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park
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The Most Magnificent Branch Perchers at the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

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Kuala Lumpur offers one of the most tourist experiences in this side of the world with the KL Bird Park. Zoos are falling out of fashion, but this ornithology paradise has never operated like one anyway. Designated as an eco-tourist destination from the get-go, this park respects birds and it shows on their artificial habitats.

And, really, who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by birdsong? There’s a reason why a subculture had built around tunes belted out by sole species capable of flight. Such sounds are worth staying the RM75 gate pass, and not to mention that there are some parts of the park where you’re allowed to interact with the birds!

The birds, however, are still the highlight of this place. Here are the most magnificent branch perchers to see in KL Bird Park.

Rhinoceros Hornbill (Zone 3)

There’s something magical in the beak of a hornbill, despite it being obviously an evolutionary product. It’s so big that it catches your eye even from afar. “Its shiny ebony black plumage, huge bill and upward curved casque in the shade of vibrant red, orange and yellow forms a beautiful contrast to its surrounding and definitely a remarkable sight to be relished,” says on the park’s official website.

It’s not the lone bird species in this area, as there’s the Oriental Pied Hornbill, the Hill Myna, Purple Swamphen, and the Formosan Blue Magpie. This zone is even meant to replicate the Malaysian rainforest, so the vibe here is very nature-y.

Flightless Birds (Zone 4)

An ostrich is such a magnificent creature to see. One moment, you’re looking at parrots that are small enough to perch on your arm, and then you see an ostrich, an animal strong enough to cause very, very serious injuries to an adult human. But, other than its size and strength, this animal is built to not be prey. It can achieve car-like speeds and with its weight of 90 to 155 kilograms, you better not get in front of a moving ostrich.

There’s also the Southern Cassowary and the one and only Emu! They’re all cute, but of course, your safety is paramount. Do not go near these birds.

Brahminy Kites (Zone 1)

A local Malaysian eagle specie, Brahminy Kites will remind you of the American Bald Eagle. But this one is more chill, and instead of snatching up sizeable animals, this Malaysian bird gets regular feedings every 2:30 PM.

There’s one thing about the Brahminy Kites that you may not witness, but it is supposed to be an amazing experience. “These magnificent birds give out sorrowful, mewing calls especially during late evenings,” according to the KL Bird Park.

Flamingoes (Zone 1)

These lanky-legged land birds are just so…beautiful. Evolution gave them long necks that safely keep them dry while fishing for meals, and red legs that pair well with their feathers and graceful but heavy way of walking. You honestly need to whip out your camera as soon as you see a line of these pretty pelicans walking like they’re military-trained.

The Parrots (Zone 4)

The winged form of joy, parrots are always an attraction wherever they are. The best thing is that you can even interact with them and feed them. If you’re able to get near a Moluccan Cockatoo, you have to have it say a word because it’s the most fun you can have in the KL Bird Park.

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