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You Tube Toughens Measures Against Ad Blockers Potentially Blocking Playback header

YouTube Toughens Measures Against Ad-Blockers, Disabling Playback

YouTube confronts ad-blockers with a global initiative, insisting users disable them or opt for YouTube Premium, citing support for creators and content diversity.
Expats Set to Debut on Prime Video Starring Nicole Kidman in Hong Kong Header

‘Expats’ Set to Debut on Prime Video: Starring Nicole Kidman in Hong Kong

Mark your calendars for the premiere of ‘Expats,’ starring Nicole Kidman, on Prime Video this Jan. 26, 2024. Set in Hong Kong, the series follows the intertwined lives of three women.
Header You Tube Changes Now Allows Creators to Wipe Content Violation Warnings

YouTube Changes Now Allows Creators to Remove Content Violation Strikes

The platform announced a new update to its Community Guidelines violation warning process, conditionally allowing creators to remove their strikes.
Disney to Curb Password Sharing

After Netflix, It’s Disney’s Turn to Crack Down on Password Sharing

Disney is looking into curbing password sharing among its subscribers as the streaming giant explores more ways to drive revenue generation. Click for more.
Twitch Rebrands with New Logo Palette Typography Header

Twitch’s Vibrant Rebrand: A New Logo, Palette, and Typography

Twitch’s recent rebrand includes a new logo, vibrant colour palette, and custom typeface, with an emphasis on reflecting the creativity of its user community.
Whats Coming to Amazon Prime New TV Series and Movies Aug 2023 Header

What’s Coming to Amazon Prime? New TV Series and Movies Aug. 2023

August sees the arrival of fun library flicks and original series including '‘Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves’, ‘Shelter', and other summer classics.