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Elon Musk Rebrands Twitter Changes Logo Name to X

Elon Musk Rebrands Twitter, Changes Logo and Name to X

X has replaced the iconic blue bird logo as part of the rebranding, and users are now redirected to Twitter when logging onto "”
Meta Introduces Twitter Rival App Threads

Meta Introduces Twitter Rival App ‘Threads’

Meta's "Threads" offers its users a separate space for real-time exchange through text and is now live in over 100 countries.
Bpi unauthorized deductions

‘Hoy BPI’ Trends on Twitter as Bank Resolves Unauthorized Transactions

Many BPI consumers expressed their sentiments on Twitter with the words “Hoy BPI,” as they struggled with checking their remaining balance and unauthorized deductions.
Twitter Alternatives Elon Musk Social Media Other Options

Leaving Twitter for Good? These Alternatives Are Worth Signing Up to

For others, the platform’s imminent collapse was nothing but a marketing tactic to increase app usage. For the millions of users who hopped on the #GoodbyeTwitter trend, it’s the final straw.
Netizens Floods Twitter With Hilarious Reactions to MS Teams Outage

Netizens Flood Twitter With Hilarious Reactions to MS Teams Outage

Along with the countless complaints are an overflowing number of funny reactions and memes to MS Teams’ worldwide disruption on Thursday.