Interior Hacks: How to Hide Your Air Conditioning Unit
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Interior Design Hacks: How to Hide Your Air Conditioning Unit

Interior Hacks How to Hide Your Air Conditioning Unit

It’s no secret that living in a tropical country like Thailand means having year-round temperatures that make you feel like you’ll melt from the heat. If you live in urban areas, that heat could even go higher because there are fewer trees and other greenery around to absorb it. While taking a cold shower and eating ice cream can do the trick, they only provide temporary relief. We need a better solution, like air conditioning.

Air conditioners come in different looks and sizes depending on the brand. While some aren’t bothered by their appearance, others think they ruin the look of their interiors. If you’re the latter and want to hide your air conditioning unit, here are some do-it-yourself (DIY) ideas you can do.

Build a Shoe Rack

This DIY shoe rack is ideal for window-type air conditioning units that are placed on a lower level, usually one to two feet from the ground.

First, build a shelf with enough height and depth for your unit. For the width, this will depend on how long you want your rack to be. Second, build the rack for your shoes and decide whether you’ll put a cabinet door for it or not. Lastly, decide on the material to cover your unit. Make sure it isn’t too close to the front part of your unit, though, and that there’s enough space for cool air to pass.

Hide air conditioner using DIY shoerack
Screenshot from YouTube/EngineerYourSpace

Note: A cover that’s too close to your air conditioner will ruin the airflow. This could make your unit work harder than it should, increasing your monthly bills and preventing your room from achieving the ideal temperature.

Build a Wall-Mounted Shelf

If your unit is a split-type or a window-type that’s about five feet above the ground, you can make a wall-mounted shelf using the same concept as the DIY shoe rack. 

For added security, you can install heavy-duty L-shaped shelf brackets. If you can’t drill on the walls, you can use an existing cabinet and put the DIY shelf on top of it. Make sure the cabinet is stable enough, though. Painting the shelf to match the cabinet’s color is also a good idea so it won’t be obvious.

Build a Feature Wall

A focal point is important to direct the eyes away from any unsightly feature inside your room. For this project, you can make that focal point using a feature wall that covers your air conditioning unit.

First, decide on the material of the wall — plywood, ceramic board, or medium density fiberboard (MDF). It shouldn’t be too heavy so you can remove the wall by yourself any time. Second, decide where and how you’ll secure the wall to prevent it from falling down. You can install supports on the floor and put furniture (like a chair or your bed) in front of the wall, or you can device a way to hang the wall like a giant painting over the air conditioning unit. Again, make sure that the wall isn’t too close to the unit.

Hide air conditioner using feature wall
Screenshot from YouTube/myDecorDiary

Note: A wall to cover your air conditioning shouldn’t be permanent. Your unit still needs to be easily accessible, especially when you have to clean it or have it repaired.

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