Best Halloween Costumes Based On 2023 Most Viral Memes
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Here’s the Best Halloween Costumes Inspired by the Most Viral 2023 Memes

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Once again spooky season has returned, and it dawns on us how we have almost reached the finish line of the year 2023. The lap around the sun has nearly completed itself, and the memes we as a collective have racked up over the journey so far have been a delightfully strange and silly bunch. If you’re stuck for ideas on Halloween costumes for 2023, check out this list of kooky yet not so spooky outfits that rewind the clock to present this year’s most meme-orable moments.


Barbenheimer halloween costume
IMDB/Barbie , IMDB/Oppenheimer , Wikipedia Commons/Barbenheimer

More than just atoms collided when the two films in the running to become the biggest summer blockbuster of the year revealed the same release date. Sparking numerous memes that exploded into an even greater cultural movement, Greta Gerwig’s ‘Barbie’ and ‘Oppenheimer’ by Christopher Nolan were eventually fused by fans into becoming the inescapable 2023 Hollywood phenomenon that was ‘Barbenheimer.’

Both films showed distinct and easily recognizable character design that can be used to riff off each other in a hilarious contrast. Fuse together the glittery fantasy of Barbieland’s colourful and fun aesthetic with the muted, washed-out darkness that pervaded Oppenheimer, both in its colour-grading and costumes, and you’ll end up with this epic clash.

Get the look: Whether you are going for a post-apocalyptic pink and dusting over poofy bright dresses with blackened specks and soot-like face paint or adding bucketfuls of glitter to Jay Oppenheimer’s signature brimmed hat and cigar getup, there’s tons of creative ways to mash together these visually conflicting getups.


Grimace McDonalds halloween costume

Taking to the Internet to celebrate his 52nd birthday, which coincided with Pride Month and naturally marked him as the newest de facto Gay icon, beloved McDonald’s mascot and fast-food icon Grimace shot into online notoriety as the unlikely star of a viral #GrimaceShake TikTok trend this summer that left a trail of teenagers lying on the floor in his wake. Though originally introduced as a villain amidst the original McDonalds extended mascot universe, this personified taste bud has since won the hearts of many Macca’s fans over generations thanks to his adorable fuzzy look and friendly demeanour.

This Halloween, you can easily take your Grimace costume above and beyond by also introducing a whole Halloween group costume by getting the rest of your friends to portray the other McDonald’s cast characters – Ronald McDonald, the Hamburglar, and Birdie the Early Bird.

Get the look: Grimace is a seriously simple character to emulate. His most notable features include grape-coloured fur, a voluptuous pear-shaped body, and that permanent expression of gleeful contentment.

A simple monochrome purple getup should do just fine to evoke the monster, with the option of stuffing your shirt using pillows and sticking on some googly eyes for an added DIY touch. Brownie points for anyone who can get their hands on a Happy Meal box or Grimace milkshake cup as a prop.

Taylor Swift Eras Tour

Eras Tour costumes

Swiftie or not, the power of Taylor Swift as a pop icon cannot be denied. The country-singer turned megastar has been smashing earnings records with her extravagant Eras Tour, which comprises a three-hour long performance that threads together the most memorable songs from an extensive catalogue of albums spanning Taylor's entire career. Whether you are a fan, or simply looking for the chance to go all out glam this Halloween, there is a whole treasure trove of costumes you are spoiled to choose from.

Get the look: Go by your favourite era of Taylor Swift’s discography to find your right match. Sectioned off into distinct sets that each pay tribute to the unique ‘Eras’ in Taylor’s storied musical journey, each of the sets feature looks paying homage to the themes of her music from during the period. From bodysuits that drip with shining beaded gemstones, to flowing ruffled gowns that sweep across the stage as Taylor lights up in song, to grand evening gowns that prove her reign as a red-carpet princess, and even the iconic Ashish shirt and fedora combo from Taylor’s iconic ‘22’ music video – the options are endless.

Succession – Roy Family

Succession halloween costume

Sending the Quiet Luxury trend skyrocketing into the public eye, Succession has swept the world by storm with its gripping drama about the fictitious Roy family, locked in a battle for control over the Waystar Royco media empire.

Perhaps the most low-effort outfit for office-bound revellers, those who spend their days in the typical dress shirt and slacks combo, or boardroom-chic getup can simply transition from dusk to night in their workwear uniform. Whether or not the price tag of your items is on par with the designer stylings the show has put forward is a mystery that's better off unsolved. Succession Season 3, which premiered on HBO just this Oct. 17, promises to deliver even more intriguing plot twists and characters for your costume inspiration.

Get the look: Whether you're ready to channel Kendall Roy's swagger with an "L to the OG" jersey or opt for a Cousin Greg-inspired look by simply throwing a raincoat over your button-down, Succession costumes are remarkably easy to assemble using your existing work clothes.

One Piece Crew

One Piece halloween costume
Netflix/One Piece

Whilst Netflix’s live adaptations of fan-favourite anime series and cartoons have not been the most well-received in the game – a la Cowboy Bebop with John Cho and Death Note starring Nat Wolff – it seems the streaming giant has finally landed on the mark with their latest attempt, One Piece. Incorporating fantastical set pieces and quality VFX into the live action series, familiar scenes and characters are breathed new life in the third dimension.

Grab your gang together and get ready for some Halloween adventures! Accompanying figurehead and protagonist of the series, Monkey D. Luffy, are pirate crew mates Nami the ex-theif, sword-toting bounty hunter Roronoa Zoro, Usopp, and chef Sanji. While Tony Tony Chopper the pirate doctor and beloved anthropomorphic reindeer of the anime series is still yet to make an appearance, the Netflix One Piece cast offers a solid range of characters to choose from.

Get the look: While the source material of the One Piece anime and manga series have more characters to choose from, and more looks presented by each main member of the Straw Hat Pirates, the television series still manages to maintain the signature essence of its featured personas.

For an easily recognizable costume, grab a red vest to pair with some blue shorts and flip flops, before sticking on the outfit’s essential accessory – a straw hat.

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