Bayfare Social Spanish Restaurant Review | Delish Eats

Delish Eats: Bayfare Social, Summery Spanish Food Shines Bright at Rosewood

Restaurant history: Rosewood Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui welcomed the landmark arrival of Bayfare Social in November 2019, marking an introduction to Spanish dining culture on the darkside.

Chef story: Chef de Cuisine Jorge Vera Gutierrez joined the ranks at Bayfare Social to lead a revamped food programme, returning to the fresh and fruity flavours of the European nation. The Tenerife-native held former roles at now-closed FoFo by el Willy and La Paloma.

Bayfare Social Spanish Restaurant Review | Delish Eats

What’s the vibe and venue like: Bayfare Social is joined in an amalgamation of HENRY steakhouse and CHAAT Indian restaurant on one floor, forming an airy and upscale dining hall that sees energy and chatter flow around the busy restaurant. It’s rushed, but lively. The venue affords a fine dining experience with the character of a Barcelona food market.

How much does it cost: Split between two hungry diners, the bill closed at HK$1,631. I argue this price is reasonable for Spanish fine-dining in Hong Kong, housed inside the second-best hotel in the world.

What’s the menu about: Expect an encyclopedic range of classic Spanish dishes, including bite-side hot and cold tapas, large paellas, meaty options from both sea and farm, and specialty Spanish tarts, cakes, and treats. Their wine list offers pours and bottles from across the country.

What did we order: Boquerones y Anchoas (HK$190), Sardine Crudo (HK$198), Brandada de Bacalao (HK$198), Grilled Sustainable Spanish Sea bass (HK$310), Pisto Machego (HK$135), Bone Marrow (HK$380), Tarta de Queso (HK$110) and Caramel Flan Pudding (HK$110).

Bayfare Social Spanish Restaurant Review | Delish Eats

Sardine Crudo: Instantly, chef Jorge Vera preludes Bayfare Social’s central flavour profile: tangy and matched with sweetness. A creamy almond puree is met with white Spanish sardines for a great mouthfeel and smoky aroma. The topped thin grape slices add a much-needed sweetness to counter the salty sardines.

Bayfare Social Spanish Restaurant Review | Delish Eats

Brandada de Bacalao: The emulsion of salty cod and potato puree meets for a salivating bite. It is a simple dish with a creamy texture and faint salty flavour, but tempers with our palette to beg for more. The addition of crunchy toast helps balance the textures.

Bayfare Social Spanish Restaurant Review | Delish Eats

Grilled Sustainable Spanish Sea Bass: The sea bass dish strikes home how rich simple Spanish cooking can be. The sea bass fillet is only lightly salted and pan-fried, but bursts with meaty and ocean notes from its body. The bed of piquillo pepper puree brings a tangy juice and spice to play for more colour in your mouth.

Bayfare Social Spanish Restaurant Review | Delish Eats

Bone Marrow Paella: If you’re one for hearty rice dishes, order this paella. The beef cheek chunks melt in your mouth, while the paella rice is peppery and smoky. Albeit cooked with sodium-heavy beef, an addition of salt would help boost the flavour of the bone marrow.

Bayfare Social Spanish Restaurant Review | Delish Eats

Tarta de Queso: In a city stuffed with basque cheesecakes, Bayfare Social’s dessert rules high. When chomped, the cake’s firm exterior lets in for a creamy, slightly lemony and milky filling. The topped summer berries help boost sweetness.

What we liked: Bayfare Social effortlessly crafts powerful dishes with fish. The bacalao is deserved of an order just for its texture. The sardine crudo fuses multiple flavours in each bite, meriting Michelin accreditation, and the sea bass bursts with meaty flavour against the pickled and spicy flavours.

What we didn’t like: On the surface, Rosewood’s food hall concept housing Bayfare Social produces a great vibe for congenial dining. However, the noise and rush sometimes led me distracted beyond the beautiful food. My tip is to try and ask for a table to the sides of the restaurant.

What you should order: Sardine Crudo, Brandada de Bacalao, Bone Marrow, Tarta de Queso.

Location: Bayfare Social, Rosewood Hotel, 5/F, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Contact details: +852 3891 8732

This food review is based on a complimentary media tasting provided by Bayfare Social in exchange for a truthful review and no compensation. The opinions expressed within represent the views of the author.

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